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A meeting to discuss the proposal for an industry-sponsored consortium onStratigraphic Architecture, Structural Styles, and Sandstone Reservoir Quality in the Deep Shelf Gas Play of Texas State Waters: Year 2

Thursday, December 15, 2005
1:30 – 3:30 p.m. Cost: Free
Houston Research Center, 11611 West Little York Street, Houston, TX 77041

The Bureau of Economic Geology is conducting an industry-sponsored study of the deep shelf gas play in Texas state waters, where target reservoirs occur at depths from 15,000 to 30,000+ ft beneath the shallow waters of the inner shelf. An experienced team is conducting a multidisciplinary study of stratigraphic architecture, structural styles, and reservoir quality that includes (1) mapping of deep stratigraphic architecture from seismic data, (2) isochron mapping of deep sedimentary packages, (3) seismic facies analysis of these packages, (4) petrographic and geochemical analysis of rock samples, (5) statistical analysis of porosity/permeability relationships to controlling parameters, and (6) wireline-log analysis for complete vertical data coverage in selected areas. Samples are placed into a sequence-stratigraphic systems-tract framework to evaluate the influence of stratigraphic setting on texture, grain size, and detrital mineral composition. Data sources include cores and wireline logs from deep wells and seismic data on a loaned proprietary basis.

Focus of Year One
During the first year of this two-year study, the focus was on the northern half of the Texas coast. The second year of the study begins on January 1, 2006, and the project will investigate the southern half of the Texas coast (Calhoun County area south to Cameron County). Our past work has shown that the deep reservoir quality is much more questionable in the southern half of the Texas GOM. We believe this is an area where a critical understanding of burial diagenesis is essential to estimating risk associated with reservoir quality. Additional industrial sponsors are invited to join Year 2 of the project at a cost of $50,000.

Major Goal
Our major goal is to stimulate participation in the deep-shelf gas play by reducing risk in the key technical areas of stratigraphic architecture and reservoir quality. Our project should decrease uncertainty by focusing exploration on lower risk areas and avoiding drilling below economic reservoir basement. You are invited to attend a short seminar where the research team will present the Year 2 proposal as well as presentations on approaches to reservoir-quality prediction and a review of the BEG’s past work on reservoir-quality studies of the Texas onshore Tertiary sandstones. For a copy of the proposal or more detailed information, please contact co-principal investigators of the project:

Dr. Shirley P. Dutton,; (512) 471-0329
Dr. Robert G. Loucks,; (512) 471-0366

For more information, please call Sigrid Clift at 512-471-0320. E-mail