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Horizontal Well Technologies and Coalbed Methane Applications

Wednesday, February 8, 2006
Houston Research Center

Who Should Attend
Professionals concerned with coalbed methane (CBM): asset managers, geologists, drilling engineers, and directional drillers

Dr. Eric Maidla, Slider LLC (, Houston, Texas

Workshop Description
The course provides an introduction to the nomenclature and equipment used to drill conventional, directional, and horizontal wells and explore ways to enhance the drilling efficiency while sliding to make a trajectory correction.

In order for the participants to understand the effectiveness of the different options to enhance the drilling performance there will be a detailed explanation on how torque and drag work in the wellbore and ways to mitigate their negative effects.

The course will present new ways to drill directional and horizontal wells and it will address in detail the cost issues involved with each different system presented.

Detail to the risks of the different systems will also be addressed and ranked according to a ranking process that will be built with the active input of all participants.

The new techniques that will be presented will demonstrate the possibility of:
1. Orienting the tool face without having to come off bottom while sliding (today this is not possible). This is very important to CBM that is quite a soft medium compared to traditional petroleum drilled rocks and any orientation off bottom wipes out trajectory corrections quite easily.
2. Understanding how the rocking movement of the pipe (small rotations to the right and left) can help in the sliding process in the conventional, directional, and horizontal drilling system.
3. Understanding how to optimize the use of power swivels or top drives to enhance the directional drilling operation.
4. Mitigating differential sticking effects while sliding.
5. Providing a process to smoothly transfer weight to the bit.

About the Presenter
Dr. Eric Maidla is the Business Development partner of Slider LLC, a company involved in automation of the directional drilling process with the aim to enhance drilling efficiency. He is also the President of Genesis Lone Star LLC a company devoted to drilling analysis and marketing of Genesis, a technology owned by the Australian government, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), . He has authored over 50 papers/publications/book chapter, and currently has been granted 2 patents and has another 3 pending. Some of his major accomplishments include (1) founding the Petroleum Engineering Department at the State University of Campinas in Brazil in 1988; starting the Genesis project for CSIRO in Drilling Data Management (1995-2001); and the conception, management, and development of new directional drilling technology for Noble called Slider (2001-2004).

For more information, please call Sigrid Clift at 512-471-0320.