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Polymer and Polymer-Gel Water Shutoff Treatments:
What It Takes To Be Successful and Illustrative Field Applications

Houston, Texas, Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Presented by
Randall S. Seright, Petroleum Recovery Research Center of New Mexico Tech and Robert D. Sydansk, Sydansk Consulting Services, LLC

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About the Workshop
This workshop will provide oilfield operators and professionals with information and methodologies required to successfully apply polymer-gel water-shutoff (WSO) treatments.

A number of water-shutoff (WSO) technologies, including polymer gels, have been shown to be cost-effective and successful in reducing unnecessary water production. There are many types of water-producing problems and many different WSO technologies. The challenge is to correctly identify the water production problem and then to select, design, and execute an appropriate WSO technology. Many operators do not realize that WSO treatments and operations are reservoir-, well-, and problem-specific.

This workshop will present information and conceptual tools that will: 1) help operators to successfully apply WSO polymer-gel treatments; 2) help operators determine what WSO technology (if any) can be effectively employed in order to remedy or reduce a given water-production problem; 3) bring into perspective the "dos" and "don'ts" of WSO treatments; 4) help operators recognize misinformation that exists concerning polymer-gel treatments; 5) provide means to improve the success rate of polymer-gel WSO treatments; and 6) show how to avoid many of the pitfalls that have plagued operators historically when conducting WSO treatments and operations.

Six Professional Development Hours earned for attending this workshop.

Who Should Attend
Oilfield operators, owners, petroleum engineers and other oilfield professionals or managers who are faced with excessive and costly water production or anyone who might be considering applying polymer-gel WSO treatments.

About the Presenters

Randy Seright is a Senior Engineer and heads the Reservoir Sweep Improvement group. His research interests focus on methods to prevent fluid channeling through reservoirs and to reduce excess water and gas production during oil recovery. Current emphasis is on using gels for this purpose. He has BS and Ph.D. degrees in Chemical Engineering from Montana State University (Bozeman) and the University of Wisconsin (Madison). He worked for Exxon Production Research Company for eight years before joining the PRRC. He was a member of the International Board of Directors for the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), representing the Southwest North America Region (2000-2002). He was an SPE Distinguished Lecturer for 1993-1994, and he served as Chairman of the SPE Distinguished Lecturer Committee during 1998-1999. He is also a registered professional engineer in Texas.

Bob Sydansk heads up his own consulting company, Sydansk Consulting Services, LLC, where the company specializes in EOR, IOR, and conformance improvement -- with special emphasis on polymer-gel use for water shutoff and sweep improvement. Bob just completed a one-year program as a Visiting and Senior Scientist at the Petroleum Recovery Research Center of New Mexico Tech. Until 2000, Bob worked for 33 years at the Technology Center for Marathon Oil Co, where he conducted R&D in nearly all phases of chemical improved oil and gas recovery. During his latter tenure at Marathon, he developed, reduced to field practice, and helped commercialize the highly successful and highly versatile chromium-carboxylate/acrylamide-polymer (CC/AP or MARCITSM) gel conformance-control and fluid-shutoff technology. Bob has authored or co authored 38 technical papers within the area of improved oil and gas recovery. He is the inventor or co inventor of 60 U.S. and 137+ foreign patents within the same technical area. Bob has been a Technical Editor for the past ten years for the SPE Production and Facilities journal, where he is a technical editor specializing in oilfield polymer-gel treatments. In 1993, he chaired the SPE International Forum on Advances in Conformance Control. In 1997-1998, Bob was an SPE Distinguished Lecturer, where he lectured internationally on oilfield polymer-gel technologies. In 2001, he taught internationally for the SPE a short course on the use of polymer gels for water-shutoff purposes. In 2000, he was elected to become an SPE Distinguished Member.

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