Archive of Texas PTTC Workshops

Wellbore Management Workshop

May 7, 2002

The Wellbore Management Workshop developed in the Permian Basin was held in Amarillo, Texas, on May 7, 2002, in conjunction with PPROA's Annual Meeting. This highly successful workshop has been held in Midland and Socorro, New Mexico. The theme of the workshop is "Reduce your well failure frequencies, learn from those that have."

The workshop featured 5 sessions that covered specific programs that have been successful in reducing well failures in beam pumping wells. The format was a case study format. The five sessions featured Schlumberger IPM (formerly Coastal Management Case Study) , Bill Webb Inc (former Conoco case study), Amerada Hess (ALEOC data base of 25,000 Permian Basin well failures), Echometer (Modern Total Well Management), and Baker Petrolite (paraffin and asphalteen damage to well bores).

A manual of all the presentations are given to the participants for their future reference and use.

A complete senario of the workshop can be obtained from Bob Kiker.

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