Archive of Texas PTTC Workshops

Soil Remediation Workshop
Tyler, Texas

Presented by Integrated Petroleum Environmental Consortium (IPEC)
Co-sponsored by the PTTC Texas Region and PTTC Central Region

The workshop is geared toward oil and gas operators and state regulators. Landowners are welcome as well.

The Workshop
Workshop attendees will learn how to cost effectively remediate oil and brine spills using hands-on tools and teaching materials developed by Dr. Kerry L. Sublette, Director of IPEC. Attendees will also learn how to evaluate vendor claims for such things as adding microbes, using surfactants, etc.
Attendees will receive a workbook, laminated guidelines, IPEC Soil Salt Analysis Kit, IPEC Chloride Analysis in Water Kit, Bioremediation video, and a Cost-effective Strategies video.

I. Introductions and Workshop Objectives
II. Bioremediation of Crude Oil Spills
III. Bioremediation of Crude Oil + Brine Spills
IV. Remediation of Brine Spills
V. Summary; Questions and Comments

The Presenter
Dr. Kerry L. Sublette is director of the Center for Environmental Research and Technology and Sarkeys Professor of Environmental Engineering at The University of Tulsa. He also serves as the director of the Integrated Petroleum Environmental Consortium (IPEC). He earned his Ph.D. in chemical engineering in 1985 and worked for six years in research and development for Combustion Engineering before joining The University of Tulsa faculty. His research interests include anoxic biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons, ecological indicators of soil ecosystem restoration, and remediation of oil and brine spills. Dr. Sublette has over 20 years of experience in environmental engineering. He chairs the annual International Petroleum Environmental Conference and has also provided training in bioremediation for EPA on-scene coordinators and for the EPA Oil Spill Program.

The Soil Remediation Workshop was developed by Dr. Kerry L. Sublette in order to help fulfill IPEC's mission for technology transfer. IPEC's mission is to increase the competitiveness of the domestic petroleum industry through a reduction in the costs of compliance with U.S. environmental regulations by (1) developing cost effective technologies to meet the challenges of environmental regulations and promote the competitiveness of the domestic petroleum industry; and (2) providing tools and technology transfer to empower independent oil and gas producers to solve their own problems.

Integrated Petroleum Environmental Consortium, 600 S. College Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104-3189. Phone: 918-631-3085. Fax: 918-631-3268.


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