Archive of Texas PTTC Workshops

Putting the Internet to Work

May 10, 2001
Sponsored by the PTTC Texas Region and TIPRO

"Review of PTTC Internet Resources." Lance Cole, PTTC National Project Manager.

"Using the Internet for Procurement." Stuart Page, CEO, Network Oil.

"Using the Internet to Exchange Information Between Producers and Royalty Owners." Scott DeVries, Vice President of Corporate Development, Novistar.
Information Provider Panel: Bill Fowler, CEO,; Steve Cooper, Sr. Vice President of Information Technology, IHS Energy Group.

Luncheon Guest Speaker: Scott Rodgers, Bureau of Economic Geology.

"Leasing Software from Application Service Providers." Jim Honefenger, VP Marketing, GeoNet.

Property Listing Service Panel: Don Briggs, President, LIOGA; Vivek Chandra, Business Development Manager,; Ken Olive, President and CEO, The Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse; Geoff Roberts, President & COO, Oil & Gas Journal Property Exchange; Mickey Henry, Product Manager, Petris; Bill Britain, Owner,

"How the Upstream E&P Sector Can Put the Internet to Work Today—A Producer Perspective"

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