Archive of Texas PTTC Workshops

Predicting Reservoir Quality Using Diagenetic Models

April 11, 2001, San Antonio, Texas. Co-sponsored by PTTC Texas Region and South Texas Geological Society.

Presenters: Linda Bonnell and Robert Lander, Geocosm LLC, Austin, Texas; and Steve Laubach, the Bureau of Economic Geology.

Advances in the study of diagenesis over the past 10 years have finally made it possible to accurately predict the physical properties of some sandstone types without using well or outcrop control data. These advances are based on a breakthrough in the classic problem of quartz cementation during diagenesis, coupled with important new models of sandstone compaction and permeability.

When integrated with depositional and burial history models, these models can be used to predict critical rock properties, such as porosity and permeability, through both time and space. These models are being extended to predict the effects of faulting and fracturing on sandstone fluid-flow characteristics, seismic attributes, and other fundamental rock properties. This half-day workshop introduced predictive sandstone models of diagenesis, porosity and permeability, and fracture characterization and quality.

"Storage and Producibility in Sandstone Reservoirs: Why Should You Care About Reservoir Quality?" Linda Bonnell, Geocosm LLC.

"Sandstone Reservoir Quality Models." Robert Lander, Geocosm LLC.

"Approach to Reservoir Quality Risking." Linda Bonnell.

"Producibility in Tight Gas Reservoirs: Why Should You Care About Fracture Quality and Scaling?" Steve Laubach, Bureau of Economic Geology, Austin, Texas, and Robert Lander.

"Major Controls on Fracture Quality." Steve Laubach.

"Approaches for Fracture Characterization." Steve Laubach.

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