Archive of Texas PTTC Workshops

Low-Cost Rod Pump Control
A "Lunch & Learn" program presented by Louis Ray, eProduction Solution

Thursday, October 16, 2003, Midland, Texas
Tuesday, October 21, 2003, Houston, Texas

Target Audience
This presentation is designed for owners, production engineers, well analysts, field foremen, superintendents, and anyone wanting to better understand how RPCs can help them optimize field operation of rod pumped wells.

The Presentation
Rod pump controllers (RPCs) can reduce electrical costs, reduce down time, and increase production. Fields have used this technology to reduce electrical costs by 30 percent. Additionally, failures have been reduced by 20-25 percent or more and production increased as much as 3 percent.

Most independents are aware of the potential benefits of using rod pump controllers, but need affordable options to implement them in mature properties. eProduction Solutions Inc. (eP) recently released the iBEAM, a low-priced, high tech RPC. The controllers use state-of-the-art load and position technology like that currently being used in over 25,000 wells around the world by eP customers.

Many excellent articles and technical papers over the years have documented the economic and operating benefits achieved by installing pump-off control on rod pumped wells. This discussion provides an overview of the benefits of RPCs on various types of wells. In addition, this workshop provides numerous examples of case studies with microprocessor-based RPCs.

This presentation will help the producer understand how rod pump controllers can help them decrease operational costs and/or increase production for a well. The discussion will include the various types of controllers. The iBEAM will be displayed at the presentation, and data will be presented on how its comprehensive design and low price provides a quick payout on the small investment.

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