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presented by Jim Conway, IHS Energy/ FieldDIRECT/iMonitor

Low-cost and Efficient Digital Collection of Production Data Using Hand-Held Units

Wednesday, March 31, 2004
Center for Energy and Economic Diversification (CEED), Intersection of FM 1788 and Hwy 191, Midland, Texas

Jim Conway, of IHS Energy, will introduce FieldDIRECT, the industry's first Web-based field data collection service for virtually instant communication between the field and office operations, engineers, and management.

FieldDIRECT is a complete yet simple service wherein pumpers use hand-held units to record daily production, pressures, volume, and other data right at the well. Data can also be transmitted through PCs and through our specially designed Web interface. Your data is transmitted to our secure database, which is immediately available to management, well partners, and other authorized individuals anywhere in the world. Data can then be used instantly in a variety of ways: to generate plots of daily production; create ledger displays of selected wells, tanks, or meters; produce variance, management, operational, and administrative reports; and spot trends and troubleshoot. You can also view, cluster, and produce various levels of reports to easily respond to inquiries from field foremen, operations managers, well partners, and executives. Visit the FieldDIRECT Website at

Several companies in the Permian Basin are using FieldDIRECT to reduce lag time between field data collection and reporting, which can reduce downtime production and costs. By using hand-held units, decisions can be made smarter and faster, reduce paperwork, allow pumpers to optimize their time, and standardize production data reporting from all of the fields.


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