Archive of Texas PTTC Workshops

Field-Oriented Research Projects For Independents

November 6, 2001, Midland, Texas.

Presented by the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council in conjunction with the Strategic Center for Natural Gas
and National Petroleum Technology Office, within DOE's National Energy Technology Laboratory

Overview of DOE Programs: Technology Development with Independents, Stripper Gas Wells, and Stripper Gas Well ConsortiumIndependent Project 1, American Warrior, Inc.: electrical generation using non-salable low BTU natural gas

Independent Project 2, Capataz Operating, Inc.: evaluation of the flood potential of the South House (Blinebry) field, Lea County, NM

Stripper Gas Well Project 1, Holditch--Reservoir Technologies: advanced technologies for stripper gas well improvement

Stripper Gas Well Project 2, MNA Enterprises, LTD, Co.: solving the Shugart Queen Sand Penasco unit declining production problem, Lea County, NM

Independent Project 3, Visos Energy Company: investigation to document reservoirs that can be better detected with seismic S waves than with seismic P waves

Independent Project 4, Yates Energy Corp.: reprocess signed-bit 3-D seismic data, Lott Ranch, TX Examples from the Stripper Well Consortium

Open DOE solicitations of interest to independents. Information about DOE's overall effort targeting independents, and opportunities for independents to participate in future projects.

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