Archive of Texas PTTC Workshops

Inexpensive, Rapid Cross-section Generation Utilizing MJ Systems' Raster Log Images and DigiRule's CrossLog Suite™ Software

October 3 and 4 (Midland) and November 15 (Farmer's Branch), 2001.
Sponsored by DigiRule Inc., MJ Systems, and the PTTC Texas Region. Held at the Petroleum Geotechnology Training Center at Midland College.

These one day, hands-on computer workshops featured MJ Systems' raster log data and LogSleuth project management software and DigiRule's CrossLog Suite of software. Skills taught included how to depth register raster log images, import well information from external sources, add/edit tops, add/edit interval related information (cores, perfs, DSTs, etc.) and to construct a basic cross-section. Flattening the cross-section, adding lithology patterns, posting interval information, and drawing complex geologic events were also presented.

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