Archive of Texas PTTC Workshops

Coalbed Methane Continuing Education Course

March 9, 2000, Unocal Auditorium, Houston, Texas.
Sponsored by the Houston Geological Society

"Critical Factors in Fairway Delineation and Economic Coalbed Gas Production." Dr. Walter Ayers, Holditch-Schumberger, College Station, Texas.

"Reexamination of the Coalbed Methane Hydrocarbon System in the Fruitland Formation, San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado, USA." Dr. Rusty Riese, Vastar Resources, Inc., Houston, Texas.

"Exploration Strategies Based on a Coalbed Methane Producibility Model." Dr. Andrew Scott, Bureau of Economic Geology, Austin, Texas.

"An Overview of Coalbed Methane Production in the Black Warrior Basin." Jeff Levine, Consultant, CDX Gas, Dallas, Texas.

"Unique Completion and Stimulation Strategies for Coalbed Methane Reservoirs." Brad Robinson, Holditch-Schlumberger, College Station, Texas.

"Advanced Technologies for Commercial Coalbed Methane Development." Scott Reeves, Advanced Resources International.

TBA, Levelle Robert, Haliburton, Denver.

"Coalbed Methane in the Gulf Coastal Plain: A new frontier?" Dr. Peter Warwick, USGS, Reston, Virginia.

"The Southern Boundary of the San Juan Basin Coalbed Methane Fairway." Janet Combes.

A brief summary of state and federal regulations in Coalbed Methane production. Robert Traylor, TNRCC.

"Using Coal Facies as a Guide to Exploration: The Vertical and Lateral Variation of Coal Properties in the Ferron Coals, Utah." Dr. Charles Barker, USGS, Denver, Colorado.

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