Archive of Texas PTTC Workshops

Seismic Stratigraphic Log Modeling Utilizing DigiRule's Synthetic Suite™ Software

Presented by DigiRule Inc., PTTC Texas Region, and Ellison Miles Geotechnology Institute
Thursday, September 26, 2002

The Workshop
Tired of guessing at the seismic response of your objective porosity zone? Attend this 1-day workshop and learn how to seismically model stratigraphic changes using multi-well log data. This course will cover importing log curve data, producing model log curves that fit the anticipated geology in the area, constructing a valid geologic cross-section, interpolating log curves between existing wells following user-defined stratigraphic relationships, and producing the final output model seismic section. Take your seismic exploration effort to the next level of understanding with this cost effective, easy to use software solution.

Instructor: Butch Butler, DigiRule Inc., Buena Vista, Colorado. For additional course information, contact Butch Butler at telephone 1-800-344-4785 or e-mail

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