Archive of Texas PTTC Workshops

Interpreting 3-D Carbonate Stratigraphy Using 1-D Data

Dr. Scott W. Tinker, Director, Bureau of Economic Geology,
The University of Texas at Austin
Denise Cox, Senior Geologist, Marathon Oil Company, Midland
August 22-23, 2002

In the Permian Basin, carbonate rocks have high sonic velocities and are commonly buried quite deep, making three-dimensional seismic useful for reservoir understanding, but certainly not definitive. Therefore, 1-D well data such as wireline logs and cores must be used to make a 3-D sequence stratigraphic interpretation. The concepts of sequence stratigraphy are well understood but sometimes difficult to apply. In this hands-on course, we looked at several examples of carbonate reservoirs in the Permian Basin and attempt to apply "rules and tools" to get the most accurate 3-D interpretation from the available 1-D data. The morning consisted of lectures on high-frequency sequence stratigraphic concepts using Permian Basin examples, and the afternoon focused on a few simple exercises to give attendees hands-on experience interpreting 1-D data sets. The core portion was co-instructed by Denise Cox. 6 RLP/CPL recertification.

This workshop was co-sponsored by the PTTC and the Permian Basin Graduate Center

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