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For information, please contact PTTC Coordinator Robert Newsham
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Bureau of Economic Geology
J.J. Pickle Research Campus
10100 Burnet Road,
Bldg. 130,
Austin, Texas 78758
Telephone: 512-471-1534
Fax: 512-471-0140



Texas PTTC Regional Lead Organization (RLO)

The RLO for the Texas Region is located at the Bureau of Economic Geology ("Bureau") at The University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Scott W. Tinker serves as Director for both the Bureau and the RLO.

Texas Region PTTC Resource Center
The Resource Center is located on the first floor of the Bureau on the J. J. Pickle Research Campus, The University of Texas at Austin. The center, established in 1995, includes the Bureau's reading room, map room, Geophysical Log Facility, and Core Research Centers located in Austin, Houston, and Midland, Texas. The Resource Center provides access to:

  • Searchable Integrated Core and Log Database (IGOR).

  • State agency publications, including RRC annual reports, Texas Water Development Board bulletins and reports, Bureau of Mines publications, USGS publications, Texas Soil Surveys, GCAGS Transactions, and information from contiguous states' agencies.

  • Periodicals and journals, including the AAPG Bulletin, Oil and Gas Journal, various Texas geological society publications, and others.

  • Topographic, survey, and geologic maps; aerial photos and Landsat images of Texas.

Austin Bureau facilities include:

Workshops and Public Outreach
Since 1995, the Texas Region PTTC has developed and presented workshops designed to address operators' most common problems, providing real-world information and solutions. The Texas Region PTTC Web site can keep you up to date on upcoming workshops. Past workshop topics include:

• coalbed methane

• internet technology

• CO2 flooding

• reservoir characterization

• advanced applications of wireline logging

• 3-D seismic

• natural fracture evaluations and reservoir-quality diagnosis

• horizontal well technology

• software training

• wellbore management

• produced water

• paraffin and asphaltene issues

• reservoir fluids

Public outreach is an important mission of the PTTC. Workshops, conferences, association luncheons, cooperative workshops and presentations, the Web site, and newsletters help to encourage communication and cooperation among Texas oil and gas producers and operators.