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Barnett Shale Publications

Full-Text Presentations and Papers
Horizontal Drilling: Helping Devon Step Outside—Core Barnett Shale Area, Grow Gas Production—William D. Powell, The American Oil & Gas Reporter, February 2005 [PDF]
Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Generation and Storage in the Barnett Shale, Ft. Worth Basin, Texas—Dan Jarvie, Humble Geochemical Services, 2004 [PDF]
Barnett Shale Oil and Gas as an Analog for Other Black ShalesDaniel M. Jarvie and Brenda L. Claxton, Humble Geochemical Services. Abstract for AAPG Southwest Section Meeting, Ruidoso, New Mexico, June 7-8, 2002. [Abstract in PDF format] [Complete presentation in Acrobat PDF format]
Assessing Undiscovered Resources of the Barnett-Paleozoic Total Petroleum System, Bend Arch–Fort Worth Basin Province, Texas—Richard M. Pollastro, Ronald J. Hill, Daniel M. Jarvie, and Mitchell E. Henry. Search and Discovery Article #10034 (2003). Online adaptation of presentation at AAPG Southwest Section Meeting, Fort Worth, Texas, March 2003. [Webpage and PDF file]
Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources of the Bend Arch-Fort Worth Basin Province of North-Central Texas and Southwestern Oklahoma, 2003—USGS National Assessment of Oil and Gas Fact Sheet, No. 2004-3022. [USGS Webpage]
Barnett Shale reports available from GTI (previously known as GRI)—Type "Barnett Shale" in the "Search GTI" box for a list of reports. [Website]
Texas Drilling Observer—Article regarding the Barnett Shale. [Website]
Barnett Shale Technical Sessions2003 AAPG Southwest Section Convention, Fort Worth, Texas. [Website]
Thermal Maturation and Physical Properties of Barnett Shale in Fort Worth Basin, North Texas—Hank Zhao. 2004 AAPG Annual Meeting. [Abstract]
Fracs Tracked using Microseismic Images S.C. Maxwell, T.I. Urbanicic, N. Steinsberger, and R. Zinno; Hart Publications, August 2003. [PDF]
The Barnett Shale Regional Report—Brad Foster, Devon Energy Company. Report posted on Railroad Commission of Texas Website. [PDF]

Powell Barnett Shale Newsletter

Society of Petroleum Engineers Papers
This is a list of Barnett Shale papers that can be ordered from SPE. Visit their website
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Paper no.
Successful Application of Hydrajet Fracturing on Horizontal Wells Completed in a Thick Shale Reservoir
Water Fracs and Sand Quantity: A Barnett Shale Example
Ultra Lightweight Proppants: Their Use and Application in the Barnett Shale
Optimizing Horizontal Completion Techniques in the Barnett Shale Using Microseismic Fracture Mapping
New Hydraulic Fracturing-Fluid Technology Increases Production in the Barnett Shale and Reduces Impact on the Environment
Microseismic Imaging of Fracture Behavior in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
The Pressure-Dependence Ratio: A Bottomhole Treating Pressure Diagnostic Tool for Hydraulic Fracturing in Tight, Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
Integrating Fracture Mapping Technologies to Optimize Stimulations in the Barnett Shale
Microseismic Imaging of Hydraulic Fracture Complexity in the Barnett Shale
Refracture Reorientation Enhances Gas Production in Barnett Shale Tight Gas Wells
Qualifying Hydraulic Fracturing Effectiveness in Tight, Naturally Fractured Reservoirs by Combining Three-Dimensional Fracturing and Reservoir Simulators
Optimization of Fracture Cleanup Using Flowback Analysis
Reservoir Evaluation, Completion Techniques, and Recent Results From Barnett Shale Development in the Fort Worth Basin
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Barnett Shale Abstracts/Presentations

Abstracts and presentations of Ellison Miles Geotechnology Institute’s Annual Barnett Shale Symposium are posted on the PTTC website.

The Barnett Shale Play – Phoenix of the Fort Worth Basin By Dan Steward. To order, visit the Fort Worth Geological Society Website at


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