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AMTEX Oil & Gas Inc.—Greenwood Projects: expansion drillings from the Barnett Shale Field in Wise County, Texas.

Burlington Resources—oil and gas producing company.

Castaneda Consulting—generates and markets exploration projects; plans and manages the leasing, drilling, and completion of natural gas wells in the Fort Worth Basin

Core Lab is performing a subscription-based study of gas shales. For more information, contact Wayne Sealy at 713-328-2601 or

Devon Energy—industry leader in the Barnett Shale.—everything you need to assess, buy, sell, own, or manage upstream oil and gas assets.
     Barnett Shale play map

EOG Resources—large independent with acreage in 6 counties in Barnett Shale play.

Fossil Design Group—Texas-based design firm specializing in graphics and web design for the Oil and Gas Industry: mapping, advertising, presentation graphics, illustrations, or web page creation. The firm provides strategic consultation and management for oil and gas projects.

Geomap—largest supplier of geologic mapping services in the United States.
     Barnett Shale production map

Keystone Exploration—A company currently drilling in the Barnett Shale in Ft. Worth, Texas.—provider of aerial photo-imaging and specialized information products to customers involved in buying, selling, planning, development or construction of real estate properties.

Marshall Lancaster & Associates, Inc.—Professional Land Surveyors providing service to energy companies in Barnett Shale.

Mountain Drilling Company - operates fully-automated hydraulic rigs in the North Texas Barnett Shale play

Paluxy Valley Enterprises.—provides drilling equipment and services to companies working in the Barnett Shale and worldwide.

Pan American—independent oil and gas operator, producer, development and exploration company.

PETROMARC—independent oil and gas company, market petroleum prospects.

Questa Engineering performs field characterization and optimization projects in locations around the world. Find out more about their Barnett Shale EUR study at

Synergy Energy LLC—a natural gas, field development company with over 24 years of experience as brokers and consultants.
     Barnett Shale development

Texas Energy Holdings, Inc—privately held energy investment firm.

Thomas Russell Company—designs and builds natural gas processing plants.

WG Energy Holdings Inc—offering to sell interests in oil and gas assets in Barnett Shale in North Texas.

Young & Associates—provides oil and gas surveying

XTO Energy—natural gas and oil producing company.

City, State, and Government Websites

City of Fort Worth, Texas—gas drilling under city-owned property.

DOE (Department of Energy)—energy regulatory agency for the U.S. Government.

EIA (Energy Information Administration)—official energy statistics from the U.S. Government.

Railroad Commission of Texas—regulatory agency for the oil and gas industry in Texas.
     Remarks by Duke Ligon, Devon Energy, to the Texas RRC (2002).

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