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BEG Seminar Series: Spring 2014

BEG seminars are held each Friday (unless otherwise noted) at 9:00 a.m. in the Main Conference Room. Refreshments are served.
Hosted by Maria Nikolinakou
Research Associate
Bureau of Economic Geology
Jackson School of Geosciences
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Jan 10
Raymond Slade, USGS (Ret.) Current drought conditions and current and future water needs in the Central Texas area video stream available
Jan 17 Greg Frebourg, BEG Advisory: Mega-tsunami watch for the Mediterranean issued for 8000 BP: the "Valle del Bove" Etna volcano collapse (Sicily, Italy) and its outcrop evidence in southern coastal Tunisia video stream available
Jan 24 Katherine Ellins, UTIG UTIG NSF-sponsored Geoscience Education Research Projects: Opportunities for Ongoing Collaboration. video stream not available
Jan 31 Marcus Gary
Edwards Aquifer Authority
Investigating the Edwards-Trinity Aquifer Interface: Designing a Comprehensive Study of a Complex Regional Karst System video stream available
Feb 7 John Dewey, USNAS The origin of ophiolite fore-arcs and their obduction video stream not available
Feb 14 John Quirein, Halliburton Predicting the Stiffness Tensor of a Transversely Isotropic Medium: an Extension of the ANNIE model video stream available
Feb 17 Carl Fiduk
AAPG Distinguished Lecturer
The Influence of Salt Structures and Salt Deformation on Petroleum Exploration in the Deep-water Northern Gulf of Mexico video stream not available
Feb 21 Mark Kittridge, Hess Seismic Petrophysics: A Pragmatic Approach to Rock Physics for Robust Seismic-based Reservoir Characterization video stream available
Feb 28 Shirley Dutton, BEG,
AAPG Distinguished Lecturer
Diagenetic controls on reservoir quality in deep to ultradeep Paleogene Wilcox sandstones, Gulf of Mexico. video stream not available
Mar 7 Tip Meckel, BEG Results from the second high-resolution 3D survey from the inner-Texas shelf video stream available
Mar 21 Haiying Huang, Georgia Tech

Pattern formation in fluid injection into dense granular media

video stream available
Mar 28 Nicolas Espinoza, UT P&GE Adsorptive-mechanical couplings in coal seams video stream available
Mar 31 Allison Thurmond
AAPG Distinguished Lecturer
Industry-driven advances in predictive earth systems modelling: addressing the paleotopograhy challenge in 4D video stream not available
Apr 4


Apr 11 Katherine Ellins, UTIG An Overview of UTIG's Geoscience Education Research Projects and Community Engagement Efforts video stream available
Apr 16 Tim McHargue
AAPG Distinguished Lecturer
The Reservoir Architecture of Turbidite Channels: Models and Mysteries video stream
Apr 18 Jesse Ausubel, Rockefeller Univesity Chickens and Gallium: Evidence for peaks of material use from the United States video stream
Apr 25 Chris Zahm, BEG TBA video stream
May 1 Angela Hessler The assembly of South America recorded by detrital zircons in the Andean forearc video stream
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