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BEG Seminar Series: Spring 2013

BEG seminars are held each Friday (unless otherwise noted) at 9:00 a.m. in the Main Conference Room. Refreshments are served.
Hosted by Ned Frost
Research Associate
Bureau of Economic Geology
Jackson School of Geosciences
, 512-471-4331,

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Subject/Title (click for abstract)

Jan11 Bill Ambrose
William Ambrose
Research Scientist, BEG
Incised-Valley and Estuarine Deposits in the Pennsylvanian Cleveland Formation, Western Anadarko Basin  
Jan18 Dr. Art Saller

Stratigrapher & Exploration Geologist
Cobalt International Energy, Houston
Diagenetic Evolution of Porosity in Carbonates During Burial
Jan 25 Dr. Bridget Scanlon
Dr. Bridget Scanlon
Senior Research Scientist, BEG
Drought and the Energy Water Nexus in Texas
Feb1 Dr. Michael Pope
Dr. Michael Pope
Associate Professor
Geology & Geophysics
Texas A&M
Outcrops of the Eagle Ford Formation in west Texas as a “Natural Laboratory” for Unconventional Reservoirs
Feb 8 Dr. Chris Jackson
Dr. Chris Jackson
Imperial College, London, UK
*Visiting Research Fellow, AGL
Seismic reflection imaging of igneous intrusions in sedimentary basin and implications for the development of petroleum systems.
Feb 15 Dr. H. Seay Nance
Dr. H. Seay Nance
Research Associate, BEG
Oceanic and Depositional Models for Leonardian Mudrocks, Permian Basin
Feb 22 Dr. Tip Meckel
Dr. Timothy "Tip" Meckel
Research Associate, BEG
High resolution 3D marine seismic acquisition on the inner Texas shelf: P-Cable capabilities and applications
Mar 1 Steven Bachtel
Steven Bachtel
Adjunct Faculty
Department of Geological Sciences, UT Austin
No title available.  
Mar 8 Dr. Mark McClure
Dr. Mark McClure
Assistant Professor in Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
University of Texas at Austin
Coupled Fluid Flow and Geomechanical Modeling in Discrete Fracture Networks
Mar 8
Dr. Chris Paola
Dr. Chris Paola
CSE Distinguished Professor of Earth Sciences
University of Minnesota
Mass balance effects in depositional systems (special seminar)
Mar 15 Holiday - no seminar Spring Break!  
Mar 22 Dr. Lorena Mocardelli
Dr. Lorena Moscardelli
Research Associate, BEG
From Mass Transport Deposits to Mars: 10 Years Later - The Journey! video
Mar 29 Ron Blakey
Dr. Ronald C. Blakey
Professor Emeritus
Northern Arizona University
Colorado Plauteau Geosystems
Using Paleogeographic Maps to Portray Phanerozioic Geologic and Paleotectonic History of Western North America video
Apr 5 GSA Convention - no seminar  
Apr 12 Kate Huntington
Katharine Huntington
College of the Environment
University of Washington
Uses of carbonate clumped isotope thermometry in continental tectonics: from plateau uplift to structural diagenesis video
Apr 19 Dr. Jeffrey A. May
Dr. Jeffrey A. May
Chief Geologist (Retired)
EOG Resources
Mudrock Reservoirs – Why Depositional Fabric & Sequence Stratigraphic Framework Matter video
Apr 26 Dr. Lesli Wood
Dr. Lesli Wood
Research Associate, BEG
What Lies Beneath: The Search for and Discovery of the Deep Water Tuscaloosa video
Jun 14 Dr. Swadesh M. Mahajan
Dr. Swadesh M. Mahajan
Research Professor, Ph.D.
Institute for Fusion Studies
The University of Texas at Austin
Nuclear Energy - Green and Plentiful Fusion-Fission Hybrids video
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