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BEG Seminar Series: Spring 2009

BEG seminars are held each Friday (unless otherwise noted)
at 8:30 a.m. in the Main Conference Room. Refreshments are served.



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Jan 16 Lorena Moscardelli Tectonostratigraphic Significance of The Morichito Subbasin, Eastern Venezuelan Basin

Jan 23

Peter Eichhubl

The Monterey Formation of California: unconventional reservoir in an active tectonic setting

Jan 30

Scott Tinker

BEG 2009
Feb 6 Farzam Javadpour Pore-to-Reservoir Up-scaling of Transport Processes: Applicable to Sand Reservoirs, Shale Systems, and Naturally Fractured Media
Feb 13 John Solum (Shell) From meters to microns: Subseismic fault populations and fault zone architecture
Feb 20 James L Coleman (USGS) Assessment of undiscovered, technically recoverable oil and natural gas resources of the Eocene Jackson and Oligocene Vicksburg Groups, onshore Gulf of Mexico
Feb 27 Anja Schleicher (U. of Michigan) Clay minerals and their role in fault-creep activity in the San Andreas Fault
Mar 2 Marjorie Levy
AAPG Distinguished Lecturer (Chevron)
New Petroleum Reservoir Modeling Techniques Improve Field Management and Optimize Recovery
Mar 6 Jules Browaeys Fractal heterogeneities in sonic logs and low-frequency scattering attenuation
Mar 13 Jerry Bellian Laser-Aided 3D Reconstruction of Carbonate Systems: Lower Ordovician Paleokarst Example, Franklin Mountains, Texas
Mar 20 Kim Rogers (Vanderbilt)

From River Mouth to Remote Depocenters: Transport Processes and Sediment Dispersal across the Bengal Margin

Mar 27 Caroline Masiello (Rice) Biogeochemistry of charcoal in the environment: Carbon cycle roles and carbon sequestration options
Apr 3    
Apr 10 Wayne Wright Depositional and architectural models for the development of the Lower to Middle Albian Carbonate succession, Campos Basin-Brazil
Apr 17 Bob Dalrymple Occurrence of fluid-mud deposits (a hot topic among in the marine-geology field) in a Jurassic unit offshore Norway
Apr 24 Dr. Philip Benson Fluid induced seismicity in the laboratory: from volcano-tectonics to hydrofracture
Apr 31 Xavier Janson TBA
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