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BEG Seminar Series: Fall 2012

BEG seminars are held each Friday (unless otherwise noted) at 9:00 a.m. in the Main Conference Room. Refreshments are served.
Hosted by Ned Frost
Research Associate
Bureau of Economic Geology
Jackson School of Geosciences
, 512-471-4331,

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Aug 31 Jonathan Rotzien
Jonathan Rotzien
Geological & Environmental Sciences
Stanford University
Process of Sedimentation & Depositional Architecture of a Deepwater Local Base-of-Slope Channel & Levee-Overbank Apron: The Upper Miocene Upper Mount Messenger Formation, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand  
Sep 4
Dr. María Antonieta Lorente
Dr. María Antonieta Lorente
Universidad Central de Venezuela
High Impact Biostratigraphy - The use of microfossils in industry and research
Sep 7 Dr. Robert Loucks
Dr. Robert Loucks
Senior Research Scientist, BEG
An Answer to a Controversy: Depositional Features and Associated Processes in the Upper Cretaceous, Deepwater Eagle Ford (Boquillas) Carbonate dominated A-Member [Presented in VR Room] streamingvideo
Sep 14 (Max) Qinhong Hu
(Max) Qinhong Hu
The University of Texas at Arlington
Pore Structure and Gas Recovery in the Fractured Barnett Shale streamingvideo
Sep 21 Dr. Gregory Frébourg
Dr. Gregory Frébourg
Research Associate, BEG
Bottom currents and their associated deposits streamingvideo
Sep 28 David Ferrill
David Ferrill
Department of Earth, Material, & Planetary Sciences
Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)
Faulting Processes in Carbonate Rocks and Influence of Mechanical Stratigraphy  
Oct 5 Dr. Al Lacazette
Dr. Alfred Lacazette
Global Geographic Services
Tomographic Fracture Imaging: A new microseismic technology  
Oct 12 Dr. Gurcan Gulen
Dr. Gurcan Gulen
Research Associate, BEG
Gas-Power Linkages: Environmental Regulations, Renewables Policies, Power Price Caps and Gas Use video
Oct 19 Dr. Michael Hofmann
Dr. Michael Hofmann
Applied Stratigraphy Research Group
Department of Geosciences
The University of Montana
Characterizing fluvial channel clustering, fluvial channel architecture and connectivity in the Cretaceous Williams Fork Formation, Piceance Basin, Colorado video
Oct 26 Bruce Yardley The Impact of CO2-Water-Mineral Interactions on the Properties of Reservoirs: Can We Rely on Models  
Nov 2 Dr. Michael Abrams Best practices for the collection, analysis, and interpretation of seabed geochemical samples to evaluate subsurface hydrocarbon generation and entrapment video
Nov 9 David Pyles Hydrodynamic Fractionation of Minerals in Submarine Fans: Results from physical experiments and the stratigraphic record  
Nov 16 Dr. Brad Wolaver
Dr. Brad Wolaver
Research Associate, BEG
Potential Economic Impacts of Instream Flows for Central Texas Freshwater Mussels video
Nov 23 Holiday - no seminar Happy Thanksgiving!  
Nov 30 Jim Markello
Jim Markello
ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co
A New Depositional Model and New Sequence Stratigraphic Architecture for the Lisburne Wahoo Reservoir (Early Pennsylvanian) North Slope Alaska, USA  
Dec 7 Dr. Chris Ogiesoba
Dr. Chris Ogiesoba
Research Associate, BEG
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