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BEG Seminar Series: Fall 2009

BEG seminars are held each Friday (unless otherwise noted)
at 8:30 a.m. in the Main Conference Room. Refreshments are served.
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Subject/Title (click for abstract)

Sep 11 Dr. Susan Hovorka Big Science and Big Funding - BEG research addressing CO2 Injection and retention in the deep subsurface  

Sep 15

Veronica Brieno Rankin, LL.M.

Geological Sequestration: What is the current status of the legal and regulatory environment with the U.S. and ongoing issues that need reconciliation?

see video of this presentation
Sep 18

Dr. Lu Zhang, CSIRO, Australia

Estimating the effects of vegetation and climate change on streamflow
Sep 25 Sean Murphy Micro and Nano Scale Sensors for Oil Exploration & Production see video of this presentation
Oct 2 Dr. Phil Bennett Microbes, Microbial Geochemistry, and Sulfuric Acid Karst see video of this presentation
Oct 2
Simon Shaw ConocoPhillips Recent seismic technology research topics at ConocoPhillips  
Oct 9 Dr. Marc Hesse Buoyancy driven flow of CO2: Experiments & Analysis
Oct 15
Dr. Armen R. Kemanian Linking Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus Fluxes in Agroecosystems Simulation Models: Strengths and Implications of Some Knowledge Gaps vid
Oct 16 Dr. Hari Tirumalachetty Marine Controlled Source Electromagnetic Modeling for Gas Hydrates
Oct 16
Dr. Christopher Liner, University of Houston Aspects of Reservoir Geophysics CO2 Sequestration vid
Oct 23 Dr. Franz Hiebert (ERM) Arsenic in near-surface groundwater: patterns at petroleum-affected sites  
Oct 30 Dr. Harm Van Avendonk, UTIG Extension of continental crust at the margin of the eastern Grand Banks, Newfoundland  
Nov 6
Dr. Dan O. Breecker The stable isotope composition of CO2 in soils and caves: investigating processes in the critical zone. vid
Nov 13 Dr. Bob Loucks

Evaporite Karst in Northern Spain

Nov 20 Dr. Rong Fu, DGS Intensified summer rainfall variability over the southeastern United States in recent decades: What cause this change and how well can we predict it? vid
Nov 27 Open Holiday: no seminar this date  
Dec 4 Dr. Bridget Scanlon Climate Change and Land Use Change Impacts on Groundwater Resources in Semiarid Regions vid
Dec 11 Dr. Katherine Romanak Monitoring the behavior of CO2 in shallow environments: evidence from one natural and two industrial carbon-storage analogue sites vid
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