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E. Collins

Introduction to the Geology of Austin, Texas (Field Trip Presentation)

Texas Community College Teachers Association Annual Convention, Austin, March 4

E. Collins

Reconnaissance Investigation of Active Subsidence and Recent Formation of Earth Fissures near the 1980 Wink Sink in the Hendrick Oil Field, Winkler County, Texas

GSA South-Central Section Meeting, Fayetteville, Arkansas, April 4

D. Jennette

The Interaction of Shelf Accommodation, Sediment Supply, and Sea Level in Controlling the Facies, Architecture, and Sequence Stacking Patterns of the Forties and Tay Basin Floor Fans, Central North Sea (PDF)

GCS-SEPM Research Conference, Houston, Dec 3–6

S. Tinker

(1) Reservoir-Scale Seismic Stratigraphy in Prograding Systems: Time or Rock?
(2) Structural Controls on Shelf Margin Evolution and Reservoir Distribution in Pennsylvanian Icehouse Conditions: South Dagger Draw Field, New Mexico and Big Hatchet Mountains, New Mexico

AAPG Annual Convention, New Orleans, April 16–19

S. Tinker

The Value of Upstream Technology in the Petroleum Industry

GCAGS Annual Convention, Houston, Oct 26

S. Tinker

(1) Can We Believe What We See: Seismic Signatures in Prograding Systems?
(2) Historical and Future Impact of BEG Reservoir Characterization and Implementation Programs in West Texas

Permian Basin Section-SEPM workshop, Midland

T. Wawrzyniec

Dextral Transcurrent Foreland Deformation Along the Eastern Margin of the Colorado Plateau

GSA Annual Meeting, Reno, November

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