2003 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting & Exposition
November 2-5, Seattle, Washington
Oral and Poster Presentations
1st Author
Edward Collins

Mapping Geologic Elements Important to Land Use and Water Management, Central Texas and West Texas Urban-Growth Areas [Abstract]

Alan Dutton

Where Recharging Meteoric Water Meets Seawater and Basinal Brine: The Convergence of Hydropressured and Geopressured Zones Beneath the Central Texas Gulf Coastal Plain [Abstract]

Robert Reed

SEM-Based Cathodoluminescence Imaging in Sandstone Provenance Analysis: Quartz and Feldspar Grains, Zircons, and Siliceous Rock Fragments [Abstract]

Rebecca Smyth

Cataclysms and Catastrophes: Engaging Students to Address Real-World Situations Using Scientific Data Analysis [Abstract]

October 2003