2003 AAPG International Conference and Exhibition, September 21–24, Barcelona, Spain
Oral and Poster Presentations
1st Author
Title and Abstract
Edgar Guevara Depositional Processes and Facies Distribution in the Orinoco Delta, Venezuela: Constraints for Reservoir Models [Abstract]
Martin Jackson The Great Escape: Pressurized Extrusion of Allochthonous Salt Sheets in Orogenic Belts [Abstract]
Xavier Janson Seismic Acquisition and Attribute Analysis in Carbonate Systems as Viewed through the Sedimentologist’s Eyes from an Outcrop Perspective [Abstract]
David Jennette 3-D Digital Characterization and Visualization of the Solitary Channel Complex, Tabernas Basin, Southern Spain [Abstract]
David Jennette Application of Laser-scanned Outcrop Data to Build Models of Deepwater Systems: Examples from the Tabernas and Ainsa Basins, Northern and Southern Spain [Abstract]
Jeremy Willson, D. Jennette 3-Dimensional Architecture of a Submarine Slope Channel Complex: Interpreting Stratal Architecture from Outcrops with the Aid of 3-D Laser Scanning [Abstract]
Charlie Kerans 3D Mapping and Visualization of Carbonate Slope and Basin Floor Reservoir Strata: Bringing the Outcrop to the Desktop [Abstract]
F. Jerry Lucia Applying Sequence Stratigraphic Models to Constructing Petrophysical Models [Abstract]
S. C. Talukdar Importance of Deep Burial of Mesozoic Oil-Prone Source Rocks for Commercial Gas Accumulations in Tertiary Reservoirs, Veracruz Basin, Southern Mexico [Abstract]
Scott Tinker The Global Gas Economy: Exploration to Sequestration
H. Sarikaya, L. Wood Tracing of Nature of Reflections of Stratal Surfaces by Seismic Modeling of Outcrops: Sego Sandstones of Eastern Utah, USA [Abstract]
Lesli Wood Mobile Shale Systems in Offshore Trinidad and Eastern Venezuela [Abstract]
September 2003