2003 AAPG Oral and Poster Presentations
1st Author
Title and Abstract
William Ambrose The Macuspana Basin, South Gulf of Mexico: Impact of Shale Tectonics and Late Contraction of an Extensional Basin on Hydrocarbon Accumulation [Abstract]
Jerry Bellian

Dual-Purpose Geologic Analysis Using Airborne and Ground-based Lidar, Coastal Southern California: Quantitative 3-D Characterization of Modern Coastal Erosion and Ancient Reservoir Architecture [Abstract]

Textural Mapping with Lidar and Real- Time Kinematic GPS on the Flow-unit Scale: An Example from the Pipe Creek Early Albian Rudist Buildup, Central Texas [Abstract]

L. Frank Brown Using S5 Benchmark Wireline Logs to Characterize the Sequence Stratigraphy of Depositional Systems in Growth-Faulted Intraslope Basins [Abstract]
Patrice C. Chauvin, Mike Hudec Structural Style of a Normal Fault System Above the Salt Valley Salt Wall, Paradox Basin, Utah [Abstract]
Shirley Dutton Play Analysis of Major Oil Reservoirs in the Permian Basin, West Texas [Abstract]
Mochammad Fachmi, Lesli Wood Quantitative Seismic Geomorphology of Belanak and Gabus Fields, West Natuna Basin, Indonesia [Abstract]
Julia F. W. Gale Fracture Characterization in the Austin Chalk: a Horizontal Core from the Lower Austin Chalk, Pearsall field, Frio County, Texas [Abstract]
Virginie Gaullier, Bruno Vendeville Role of Basement Architecture during Salt Tectonics in the Northwest and Southeast Mediterranean: Comparison between the Rhone and Nile Deep-Sea Fans [Abstract]
Leonel Gomez, Julia F. W. Gale New Techniques in Fracture Imaging and Quantification: Applications in the Ellenburger Group, West Texas [Abstract]
Mark H. Holtz Pore-Scale Influences on Saline Aquifer CO2 Sequestration [Abstract] [Poster (4.6M)]
Mike R. Hudec

Crestal Fault Patterns above Turtle Structures in the Lower Congo Basin, Gabon: the Influence of Trap Timing [Abstract]

Martin P. A. Jackson

The Great West African Tertiary Coastal Uplift: Fact or Fiction? A Perspective from the Kwanza Basin, Angola [Abstract]

Coeval Shortening on Synsedimentary Thrust Systems and Diapirs, Deepwater Gabon [Abstract]

David C. Jennette Influence of Paleogradients on Deepwater Reservoir Architecture: Miocene and Pliocene of the Veracruz Basin, Southeastern Mexico [Abstract]
Charlie Kerans 3D Modeling of Deepwater Carbonate Outcrops using Laser Technology (Lidar) [Abstract]
Paul Knox Impacts of Buoyancy and Pressure Gradient on Field-Scale Geological Sequestration of CO2 in Saline Formations [Abstract]
Steve E. Laubach Progressive Diagenesis, Evolving Mechanical Stratigraphy, and Fracture Patterns in Tight Gas Sandstone [Abstract]
Bob G. Loucks Origin of Lower Ordovician Ellenburger Group Brecciated and Fractured Reservoirs in West Texas: Paleocave, Thermobaric, Tectonic, or All of the Above? [Abstract]
Paul Mann, Lesli Wood Late Quaternary Transpressional Deformation along the Submarine Extension of the Warm Springs-Central Range Fault Zone, Eastern Offshore Trinidad [Abstract]
Steve Ruppel

Patterns of Porosity Evolution in Permian Waning-Icehouse Carbonate Platform Successions [Abstract]

Outcrop-based Stratigraphic, Petrophysical, and Geostatistical Characterization and Modeling of a Carbonate Platform Reservoir Succession: Middle Permian, Permian Basin [Abstract]

Hasan Sarikaya, Lesli Wood Seismic Modeling of a Tidal-Bar–Incised-Valley Complex: Sego Sandstone of Eastern Utah [Abstract]
Ramon Trevino Defining Systems Tracts and Sequence Stratigraphic Architecture from Well Logs: Example from the Oligocene/Lower Miocene Section, Offshore Mustang Island, South Texas [Abstract]
Bruno Vendeville

Contrasts in Style of Minibasin Evolution in the Sigsbee Area (U.S. Gulf of Mexico) and the Nile Deep-Sea Fan [Abstract]

Similarities and Differences between Salt and Shale Tectonics [Abstract]

Lesli Wood Quantitative Seismic Geomorphology and Reservoir Architecture of Clastic Depositional Systems: the Future of Uncertainty Analysis in Exploration and Production [Abstract]
Hongliu Zeng

Realistic Reservoir Model from Seismic Data-Lessons from Seismic Modeling and Inversion of Prograding Carbonate-Ramp Sequences [Abstract]

Geomorphology-based, Automated Seismic Facies Analysis Applied to 3-D Reservoir Mapping [Abstract]

Updated February 6, 2003