AAPG Annual Convention, Houston, Texas
April 9–12, 2006
Title and Abstract
William A. Ambrose First-Order Relationships Between Lunar Crater Morphology, Degree of Degradation, and Relative Age: The Crater Degradation Index [Abstract]
William A. Ambrose, Mark H. Holtz, Vanessa Núñez-López, Susan D. Hovorka, Edgar H. Guevara, Caroline Breton, and Charles Christopher Structural and Stratigraphic Controls on Storage and CO2 EOR Potential in Major Basins in Texas, California, Illinois, and Michigan [Abstract]
Catherine Baudon and Joe Cartwright Nucleation and Evolution of the Early Stage in the Development of Growth Faults Using 3D Seismic Interpretation [Abstract]
Jerome A. Bellian, Charles Kerans, Richard A. Beck, Yolanda Price, and Kumar Nedunuri Calcite-Dolomite Delineation Using Airborne Hyperspectral Data for Ordovician Paleokarst Mapping [Abstract]
Florence L. Bonnaffé, David C. Jennette, John R. Andrews, David R. Pyles, Renaud Bouroullec, and Mark Tomasso Method for Acquiring and Processing Ground-Based Lidar Data in Difficult to Access Outcrops for Use in 3-D Virtual-Reality Models [Abstract]
Renaud Bouroullec and David R. Pyles Large Sand Extrusions Affecting Slope Channel Architecture and Evolution, Mio-Pliocene Monterey and Capistrano Formations, Dana Point Harbor, California [Abstract]
Nysha Chaderton, Lesli Wood, and Paul Mann Seismic Stratigraphy and Structure of the Crest of the Barbados Prism and Adjacent Tobago Basin [Abstract]
Tim P. Dooley, Martin P.A. Jackson, and Michael R. Hudec Allochthonous Salt Extrusion, Roof Dispersion, and Intrusive Import and Export of Salt in Squeezed Stocks [Abstract]
Shirley P. Dutton, Eugene M. Kim, Stephen C. Ruppel, Charles Kerans, Ronald F. Broadhead, William D. Raatz, and Caroline L. Breton Oil-Play Analysis of the Permian Basin: A Tool for Increasing Recovery from a Mature Oil-Producing Province [Abstract]
Jed M. Flint and Lesli J. Wood Deltaic and Shallow-marine Seismic Geomorphology of the West Natuna Basin: Implications for Reservoir Architecture and Basin Evolution [Abstract]
Julia F. W. Gale, Robert H. Lander, and Robert M. Reed Predicting Fracture and Porosity Evolution in Dolostone [Abstract]
Julia F. W. Gale, Robert M. Reed, and Robert H. Lander Synkinematic Carbonate Fracture-Sealing Cements in Opening-Mode Fractures: Characteristics and Models [Abstract]
Emilio J. Garciacaro, Paul Mann, Alejandro Escalona, and Lesli Wood Stratigraphic Architecture and Basin Fill Evolution of the Columbus Foreland Basin, Eastern Offshore Trinidad [Abstract]
Edgar H. Guevara, Paul C. Hackley, Shinichi Sakurai, Peter D. Warwick, Caroline L. Breton, Martina S. Hopkins, and Rosalba Mendoza Stratigraphic Locations and Rank Determination of Subsurface Pennsylvanian Coals in North-Central Texas: Pilot Study for Coalbed-Methane Potential Assessment [Abstract]
Ursula Hammes, Robert Loucks, Khaled Fouad, Ramón Treviño, and Frank Brown Shale-Ridge and Fault Geometries in Growth-Faulted Subbasins along the Central and South Texas Gulf Coast: Oligocene Frio Formation [Abstract]
Bob A. Hardage and Diana Sava Seismic Estimation of Gas Hydrate Concentrations in Deep-Water Environments: Assumptions and Limitations [Abstract]
Tucker F. Hentz, Jeffrey A. Kane, William A. Ambrose, and Eric C. Potter Depositional Facies, Reservoir Distribution, and Infield Potential of the Lower Atoka Group (Bend Conglomerate) in Boonsville Field, Fort Worth Basin, Texas: New Look at an Old Play [Abstract]
John N. Hooker, Stephen E. Laubach, Julia F. W. Gale, and Robert M. Reed Microfractures in Sandstone [Abstract]
Michael R. Hudec, Martin P. A. Jackson, and Daniel D. Schultz-Ela Mechanics of the Advance of Buried Salt Sheets and Implications for Predicting Subsalt Pore Pressures [Abstract]
James W. Jennings, Jr. The Effect of Scaleup on Bivariate Statistics: Insight into Modeling Imperfectly Correlated Porosity and Permeability [Abstract]
James W. Jennings, Jr., Liying Zhang, Narayan Nair, Steven L. Bryant, and F. Jerry Lucia Fluid Flow in a Touching-Vug Cretaceous Carbonate Outcrop: Measurements and Models from Millimeters to Kilometers [Abstract]
Stephen E. Laubach, Meghan E. Ward, and Leonel A. Gomez Vertical and Lateral Scales of Heterogeneity in a Fractured Reservoir Analog, Middle Triassic to Lower Jurassic La Boca Formation, NE Mexico [Abstract]
R. G. Loucks Reservoir-Model Analog and Pore-Network Summary for Ellenburger Coalesced Collapsed Paleocave Systems [Abstract]
R. G. Loucks, Charles Kerans, Xavier Janson, and Alfredo Marhx Origin and Organization of Mass-transported Carbonate Debris in the Lower Cretaceous (Albian) Tamabra Formation, Poza Rica Field Area, Mexico [Abstract]
F. Jerry Lucia Why Do You Think Wireline Logs Will Recognize Your Carbonate Facies?: Here Is How It Works [Abstract]
Angela McDonnell, Tim Dooley, and Robert Loucks Collapse/Sag Features in Northern Fort Worth Basin, Texas: Suprastratal Deformation Associated with Coalesced Paleocave System Collapse or Wrench Fault Sags? [Abstract]
Lorena Moscardelli, Denise Woods, and Lesli Wood Quantitative Seismic Geomorphology Study in Fluvial Systems —
A New Approach [Abstract]
Lorena G. Moscardelli and Lesli Wood Seismic Geomorphology of Mass Transport Deposits and Controls on Formation and Character, Eastern Offshore Trinidad and Venezuela [Abstract]
Ryan M. Phelps and Charles Kerans Outer Ramp Carbonate Mudstone Channelization and Levee Development, Last Chance Canyon, NM [Abstract]
David Pyles Hierarchical Stacking of Submarine Channels and Their Depositional Lobes in Distributary Landscapes, Carboniferous Ross Sandstone, Western Ireland [Abstract]
David Pyles, R.T. Beaubouef, D.C. Jennette, C. Rossen, Mark Tomasso, Richard W. Lovell, and A. R. Sprague Insights into Reservoir Characteristics of Sinuous Deepwater Channel Fills from Outcrop Analogs — Part I: Stratigraphic and Sedimentologic Evolution of a Sinuous Slope Channel-Fill, Beacon Channel, Brushy Canyon Formation, West Texas [Abstract]
David Pyles and Renaud Bouroullec Processes and Facies Associations in Basin-Margin Strata of Structurally Confined Submarine Fans: Example from the Carboniferous Ross Sandstone (Ireland) [Abstract]
Stephen C. Ruppel, Rebecca H. Jones, F. Jerry Lucia, Fred P. Wang, Hongliu Zeng, Jeff Kane, and James W. Jennings Fundamentals of Rock-based Reservoir Modeling; A Case History from the Lower Permian Fullerton Field, Permian Basin [Abstract]
Carla M. Sanchez and Lesli Wood Quantitative Seismic Geomorphology of Pliocene and Miocene-Age Fluvio-Deltaic Reservoirs in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Shelf Province [Abstract]
Lars Seidler, J. Stewart, B. J. Fischer, C. J. Lyttle, A. R. Sprague, D. Box, J. R. Maynard, K. M. Campion, R. T. Beaubouef, and David R. Pyles Insights into Reservoir Characteristics of Sinuous Deep-Water Channel Fills from Outcrop Analogs — Part 2: Testing Production Scenarios Using Outcrops as Templates for Geologic and Reservoir Simulation Models [Abstract]
Manuel David Soto, Paul Mann, and Lesli Wood Structural and Stratigraphic Evidence for the Offshore Extension of the Central Range Fault Zone of Trinidad into the Eastern Offshore Region [Abstract]
Scott W. Tinker The Future Lies in Talent and We Must Act Now [Abstract]
Mark Tomasso, Florence L. Bonnaffé, David R. Pyles, Xavier Janson, Renaud Bouroullec, David C. Jennette, Jerome A. Bellian, and Charles Kerans Application of Seismic Forward Modeling of Detailed Outcrop Data in Improving Sub-Surface Interpretation [Abstract]
Ramón H. Treviño, L. Frank Brown, Jr., Robert G. Loucks, and Ursula Hammes Using "Wheeler Diagrams" as an Exploration Tool in the Gulf of Mexico [Abstract]
Kira Diaz Tushman, Stephen E. Laubach, and Randall Marrett Fracture Pattern Heterogeneity in Km-scale Reservoir-Analog Outcrops [Abstract]
Lesli J. Wood Source-to-Sink Sediment Movements in Structurally Complex Setting: The Role of Gateway Basins [Abstract]

April 2006