4th Annual Conference on Carbon Capture and Sequestration
Alexandria, Virginia    May 2–5, 2005

BEG Authors/Coauthors

Susan D. Hovorka, Dan Collins, Sally Benson, Larry Myer, Charles Byrer, Karen Cohen

Update on the Frio Brine Pilot: Eight months after injection [paper in PDF format] [ppt in PDF format]

Mark H. Holtz, Khaled Fouad, Paul Knox, Shinichi Sakurai, Joseph Yeh

Bureau of Economic Geology Geologic Sequestration in Saline Formations Frio Brine Storage Pilot Project, Gulf Coast Texas [ppt in PDF format]

Daniel J. Collins, Edward Miller, Susan D. Hovorka, Mark H. Holz, Larry R. Myer

From Concept to Reality: A systematic management approach for field implementation of the Frio Brine Pilot Test [ppt in PDF format]

Shinichi Sakurai, T. S. Ramakrishnan, Austin Boyd, Nadja Mueller, Tom Daley, Mike Hoversten, John Peterson

Integrated Evaluation for Measuring, Monitoring,
and Verifying CO2 Distribution [ppt in PDF format]

G. Michael Hoversten, Jinsong Chen, Tom Daly, John Peterson, Kevin Dodds, Ping Zhang, Mike Wilt, Jeff Little, Shinichi Sakurai, Larry Myer

Joint inversion of crosswell seismic and EM data for CO2 saturation [ppt in PDF format]

N.Müller, T.S. Ramakrishnan, S. Sakurai, A. Boyd

Time-lapse CO2 monitoring with pulsed neutron logging [ppt in PDF format]

H. S. Nance, Henry Rauch, Brian Strazisar, Grant Bromhal, Art Wells, Rod Diehl, Ron Klusman, Jennifer Lewicki, Curt Oldenburg, Yousif K. Kharaka, Evangelos Kakouros

Surface Environmental Monitoring At the Frio CO2 Sequestration Test Site, Texas [paper in PDF format]

Yousif K. Kharaka, David R. Cole, William D. Gunter, Kevin G. Knauss, Seay Nance

Geochemistry of Water and Gases in the Frio Brine Pilot Test: Baseline Data and Changes During and Post CO2 Injection [ppt in PDF format]

Scott McCallum, David Riestenberg, Dave Cole, Barry Freifeld, R.C. Trautz, Susan Hovorka, T. Phelps

Monitoring Geologically Sequestered CO2 during the Frio Brine Pilot Test using Perfluorocarbon Tracers [paper in PDF format]

Philip W. Papadeas, Daniel J. Collins, Susan D. Hovorka, Mark H Holz, Paul Knox

Review of Existing Injection Well Permit Regulations and Expectations of Future Geologic Sequestration CO2 Regulations with Monitoring Conditions [ppt in PDF format]

Susan D. Hovorka, Sally Benson, Larry Myer

Lessons Learned and Questions Restated as a Result of the Frio Brine Pilot [paper in PDF format] [ppt in PDF format]

Susan D. Hovorka, Roberta Hotinski, Samuel J. Friedmann

Audience-Pleasing Physical Models to Support CO2 Outreach [paper in PDF format]

Barry M. Freifeld, Robert C. Trautz, Yousif K. Kharaka, Tommy J. Phelps, Larry R. Myer, Susan D. Hovorka, and Daniel J. Collins

The U-Tube: A Novel System for Sampling and Analyzing Multi-phase Borehole Fluid Samples during the Frio Brine Pilot Test [Abstract in PDF format]

Frio Brine partners  

Karsten Pruess, Barry Freifeld, Mack Kennedy, Curt Oldenburg, Tommy J. Phelps, M.C. van Soest

Use of Gas Phase Tracers for Monitoring CO2 Injection at the Frio Test Site [ppt in PDF format]

Kevin Dodds

Time-Lapse EM and Seismic Imaging of a CO2 Plume [ppt in PDF format]

Christine Doughty, Karsten Pruess, Sally Benson

Flow Modeling for the Frio Brine Pilot [ppt in PDF format]

Sally M. Benson, Karsten Pruess, Christine Doughty

Pressure Measurements and Buildup Analysis at the Frio Brine Pilot [ppt in PDF format]

Robert Trautz, Barry Freifeld, and Christine Doughty

Comparison of Single and Multiphase Tracer Test
Results from the Frio CO2 Pilot Study, Dayton, Texas [ppt in PDF format]

Kevin G. Knauss , James W. Johnson, Yousif K. Kharaka

Preliminary Reactive Transport Modeling and Laboratory Experiments Conducted in Support of the Frio Pilot Test [ppt in PDF format]

T.M. Daley, L.R. Myer, G.M. Hoversten, E.L. Majer

Time-Lapse Monitoring of CO2 Injection with Vertical Seismic Profiles (VSP) at the Frio Project [ppt in PDF format]

August 2005