AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California
December 5–9, 2005

1st Author
Title and Abstract

J. A. Bellian

Integration of Hyperspectral Data with Airborne and Ground-based Lidar for Paleocave Mapping in the Franklin Mountains of El Paso, Texas [Abstract]

R. Gutierrez

Comparison of GLAS and Small-Footprint, Airborne Topographic Lidar Waveform Data from Non-homogeneous Landcover in Central Texas [Abstract]

J. G. Paine

Identifying Salinity Sources and Quantifying Salinity Loads along Two Texas Streams Using Stream-axis Airborne EM and Focused Hydrochemistry [Abstract]

J. G. Paine

Mapping Coastal Wetlands Using EM and Airborne Lidar: a Texas Example [Abstract]

R. C. Reedy

Potential Mobilization of Arsenic and Other Solutes in the Vadose Zone through Land Use Change in the Southern High Plains, USA [Abstract]

H. Saito, J. Simunek, B. R. Scanlon, and R. C. Reedy

Numerical Analysis of Coupled Water, Vapor and Heat Transport in the Vadose Zone Using HYDRUS [Abstract]

S. Sakurai

The Frio Brine Pilot Experiment: Managing CO2 Sequestration in a Brine Formation [Abstract]

B. R. Scanlon

Impacts of the Shift from Natural to Agricultural Ecosystems Archived in Unsaturated and Saturated Zone Systems in the Southern High Plains, USA [Abstract]

B. R. Scanlon

Integration of Physical and Chemical Data to Assess Impacts of Changes from Natural to Agricultural Ecosystems on Subsurface Flow and Transport in Semiarid Regions [Abstract]

December 2005