AAPG Annual Convention, Calgary, Alberta • Canada
June 19–22, 2005
1st Author
Title and Abstract
William A. Ambrose Deepwater Facies Architecture and Evolution of Middle and Lower Miocene Minibasins in the Onshore Salina Basin, Southeastern Mexico [Abstract]
Jerome A. Bellian Ordovician Karst Mapping with Hyperspectral and LIDAR Data [Abstract]
Renaud Bouroullec Neogene Salt Tectonics in the Salina Basin, Southern Mexico [Abstract]
L. Frank Brown, Jr Upper Pennsylvanian and Lower Permian Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Systems Tracts, Intracratonic Eastern Shelf and Adjacent West Texas Basin, North- and West-Central Texas [Abstract]
Shirley P. Dutton Effect of Calcite Cement on Reservoir Properties in Permian Deepwater Sandstones, Delaware Basin, West Texas [Abstract]
Ursula Hammes Control of Third-Order Growth Faulting on Lowstand Slope and Basin-Floor Sedimentation: A Geomorphologic Evaluation of Oligocene Deep Frio Strata, South Texas Gulf Coast [Abstract]
Mark Holtz Effects of Pore Network Geometry on Permanent Storage of Sequestered CO2 [Abstract]
Susan D. Hovorka Frio Brine Pilot: Field Validation of Numerical Simulation of CO 2 Storage [Abstract]
Michael R. Hudec A Compressional Origin for Minibasins Near the Sigsbee Escarpment, Gulf of Mexico [Abstract]
Robert G. Loucks How Important Are Secondary Dissolution Pores in Siliciclastic Sandstones? Data from the Tertiary Sandstone Section along the Texas Gulf Coast [Abstract]
Xavier Janson Interaction of Tectonism and Eustasy in Icehouse Carbonate Buildups and Shelf Strata, Pennsylvanian Holder Formation, New Mexico [Abstract]
David Jennette Taking Turbidite Outcrops to the Next Level: 3-D Visualization, Characterization, and Interpretation of Analogs Using LIDAR Technology [Abstract]
David Jennette A Submarine Channel’s Response to an Evolving Seafloor Bathymetry: An Example from the Miocene Slope of Southern Gabon [Abstract]
David Pyles Graded Versus Out-of-Grade Basin-Margin Morphologies and Their Relationship with Basin-Scale Stacking Patterns and Local Attributes of Submarine-Fan Strata: Lessons Learned from Outcrops of the Cretaceous Lewis Shale of Wyoming and the Carboniferous Ross Sandstone of Ireland [Abstract]
David Pyles Basin-Scale and Local Stacking Patterns of the Carboniferous Ross Sandstone, Western Ireland: Applications to Northern Gulf of Mexico Minibasin Reservoirs [Abstract]
Stephen C. Ruppel Multidisciplinary Reservoir Characterization of a Giant Permian Carbonate Platform Reservoir: Insights for Recovering Remaining Oil in a Mature U.S. Basin [Abstract]
Stephen C. Ruppel Surprising Lessons from Multi-Disciplinary Characterization of a Permian Carbonate Platform Reservoir [Abstract]
Scott W. Tinker

Division of Professional Affairs Luncheon: The "I" in BusIness Ethics (Abstract)

Systematic Variations in the Capitan Depositional System: McKittrick Canyon, West Texas and New Mexico [Abstract]

Lesli Wood Geomorphology of the Mars Northeast Holden Delta [Abstract] [Video with Powerpoint]
Henry Posamentier and Lesli Wood Seismic Geomorphology in Exploration and Development: Workflows and Applications [Abstract]
Hongliu Zeng Seismic Sensitivity of Vuggy Porosity: Example from Lawyer Canyon Outcrop, New Mexico [Abstract]

March 2005