2004 AAPG Hedberg Research Conference Presentations
March 15-18, El Paso
1st Author
Title and Abstract
J. Bellian Digital Outcrop Models
X. Janson Importance of Core in Understanding Carbonate Reservoirs
X. Janson
Field trip
Sequence Development in Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Strata During Global Icehouse Climatic Periods; Pennsylvanian Holder Formation, Sacramento Mountains, NM
J. Jennings
Keynote Talk
Principles of Carbonate Matrix Petrophysical Data Analysis and Reservoir Flow Model Construction
J. Jennings South Wasson Clear Fork Reservoir Modeling: Representing Stratigraphically Controlled Petrophysical Variability for Fluid-Flow Simulation
C. Kerans
Keynote Talk
Progress and Potential in Building and Populating 3D Static Models of Carbonate Reservoirs
C. Kerans Characterizing Chaos in a Giant Oil Field--Reservoir Architecture of the Horseshoe Atoll Trend, Late Carboniferous (peak icehouse) of the Permian Basin
C. Kerans
Field trip
Algerita Escarpment Field Trip
B. Loucks Overview of Paleocave Systems and Associated Suprastratal Deformation
J. Lucia South Wasson Clear Fork Reservoir Modeling: The Rock Fabric Method for Constructing Flow Layers for Fluid Flow Simulation
J. Lucia/S. Ruppel South Wasson Clear Fork Reservoir Modeling: Outcrop and Subsurface Geology--the Critical Basis for Defining Reservoir Framework
J. Lucia
Field trip
Collapse Breccia Field Trip: Ordovician El Paso and Montoya Groups, Southern Franklin Mountains, El Paso, Texas
S. Tinker
Lunch Keynote Talk
Three Generations of Reservoir Modeling
F. Wang 3-D Modeling, Upscaling, and Simulation of the Fullerton Clear Fork Unit, Andrews County, West Texas
H. Zeng Geologic Model-Guided, Progressive Inversion: Key for High-Resolution Reservoir Model from Seismic
March 2004