2004 AAPG Presentations
April 18–21, Dallas

1st Author

Title and Abstract

William Ambrose

Geologic Controls on Neogene Deep-Water and Shelf Gas Plays, Laguna Madre-Tuxpan Continental Shelf, Eastern Mexico [Abstract]

Jerry Bellian

3D Cretaceous Rudist Reef Reservoir Model; Integration of GPR, RTK GPS, and LiDAR [Abstract]

Renaud Bouroullec

Regional Structural Setting and Evolution of the Northeastern Deep Gulf of Mexico [Abstract]

L. Frank Brown

Role of Lowstand Deposition in Mobilizing Shale Ridges that Established Successive Shelf Edges, Oligocene Frio Formation (32-23.6 Ma), Gulf of Mexico Basin, South Texas [Abstract]

Shirley Dutton

Digital Play Portfolio of a Major U.S. Oil Province: The Permian Basin [Abstract]

R. Broadhead, Shirley Dutton

Play Analysis and Digital Portfolio of Major Oil Reservoirs in the Permian Basin: New Mexico [Abstract]

Julia F. W. Gale

Natural Fracture and Diagenetic Controls on Producibility of Low Permeability,Upper Cretaceous Williams Fork Formation and Cozzette Sandstones, Piceance Basin, Colorado [Abstract]

R. Marrett, Julia Gale

New Techniques for Characterizing Fracture Spacing: Examples from Northeastern Mexico and Central Texas [Abstract]

Edgar Guevara

Use of Biostratigraphic Data in the Definition of the Geological Framework of the Neogene in the Southern Laguna Madre-Tuxpan Continental Shelf, Eastern Mexico [Abstract]

Edgar Guevara

The Orinoco Delta, Venezuela: Sedimentation Near an Active Plate Margin [Abstract]

Ursula Hammes

Gas Reservoir Compartmentalization in Lowstand Prograding-Wedge Deltaic Systems: Oligocene Upper Lower Frio Formation, South Texas [Abstract]

Ursula Hammes

Solving the St. Louis Formation Reservoir Puzzle in Kansas: Application of a Regional Carbonate Cyclostratigraphic and Diagenetic Reservoir Model for Exploring in Mature Areas [Abstract]

Tucker Hentz

Miocene Depositional and Chronostratigraphic Framework: Relation to Potential Gas Exploration in the Burgos Basin, Northeastern Mexico [Abstract]

Mark H. Holtz

Modeling of CO2 Saline Aquifer Sequestration and the Effects of Residual Phase Saturation [Abstract]

Sue Hovorka

Developing a Business Plan for Carbon Sequestration in the Gulf Coast [Abstract]

J. Friedman, Sue Hovorka

Just Do It! Large-Scale Storage of Greenhouse Gas in the United States and Abroad [Abstract]

Mike R. Hudec

Influence of Precursor Salt Structures on Thrust Faulting, Deep-water Lower Congo Basin, Gabon [Abstract]

Xavier Janson

Outcrop-Based 3D Synthetic Seismic of Early Permian Deep Water Carbonate Deposits, Victorio Canyon, West Texas [Abstract]

Xavier Janson

Karstification of the Lower Cretaceous Tuxpan Detached Platform, Golden Lane, Mexico [Abstract]

Charlie Kerans

Stratigraphic Patterns and Controls on Reservoir Quality of the Giant Poza Rica Field, Albian, Cretaceous, Mexico [Abstract]

Bob G. Loucks

Hydrothermal Overprint on a Complex, Coalesced, Collapsed Paleocave System [Abstract]

Bob G. Loucks

Depositional Facies and Reservoir Quality of the Deep-Water, Lower Cretaceous Tamabra Carbonate Slope Reservoir in the Poza Rica Field, Mexico [Abstract]

Jerry Lucia

Poikilotopic Anhydrite Enhances Reservoir Quality [Abstract]

Shinichi Sakurai

Petrophysical Evaluation of Miocene-Pliocene Gas Reservoirs: Veracruz and Macuspana Basins, Mexico [Abstract]

Ramon Treviño

An Example of Slope-Parallel Shale Ridge Triggered by Thin-Skinned Lateral Extension, South Texas [Abstract]

Tim Wawrzyniec

Late Cenozoic Intrabasinal Deformation in Offshore Laguna Madre-Tuxpan Continental Ahelf and Related Deepwater Mexican Ridges Fold Belt [Abstract]

P. Mann, Lesli Wood

Along-strike Segmentation of Pliocene-Recent Normal Fault Systems, Eastern Offshore Trinidad [Abstract]

L. Moscardeli, Lesli Wood

Debris Flow Distribution and Controls on Slope to Basin Deposition, Offshore Trinidad [Abstract]

K. Mize, Lesli Wood

Controls on the Morphology and Development of Deep-Marine Channels, Eastern Offshore Trinidad and Venezuela [Abstract]

Hongliu Zeng

Integrating Detailed Stratigraphic Architecture with 3D Seismic for High-resolution Reservoir Modeling [Abstract]

Hongliu Zeng

Using Seismic Geomorphology to Characterize Depositional Systems in Oligocene Growth-Faulted Intraslope Subbasins, Offshore South Texas [Abstract]

March 2004