AAPG International Conference and Exhibition, Cancun, Mexico, October 24–27, 2004
Oral and Poster Presentations
1st Author
Title and Abstract
William Ambrose Neogene Shelf, Slope, and Basin-Floor Gas Plays, Laguna Madre-Tuxpan Continental Shelf, Eastern Mexico [Abstract]
Jerome Bellian Carbonate Digital Outcrop Modeling [Abstract]
Khaled Fouad Genetic Facies Analysis Using Seismic Geomorphology and Seismic Attributes in the Continental Shelf of Eastern Mexico [Abstract]
Tucker Hentz Miocene Play Definition and Chronostratigraphic Framework of the Burgos Basin, Northeastern Mexico [Abstract]
Xavier Janson Stratigraphic and Reservoir Architecture of the Giant Poza Rica Field, Cretaceous, Mexico, Using Seismic Facies Based on 3D Seismic Attributes [Abstract]
Scott Tinker The Impact of Global Energy Trends on Research Partnerships, Resource Estimates, and Future Technology
Paul Mann, L. Wood Prestack Depth Images of the Deep Stratigraphy and Structures, Offshore Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados, and Implications for Oil and Gas Exploration [Abstract]
Hongliu Zeng Incised Valleys from Stratal Slicing and Attribute Analysis, a Northern Gulf Coast Analog [Abstract]
October 2004