GSA Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado, November 7-10, 2004
Oral and Poster Presentations
1st Author
Title and Abstract
A. Dutton and J.P. Nicot Descriptive Upscaling of Hydraulic Conductivity by Lithologic Mapping for Modeling Groundwater Flow in Heterogeneous Terrigenous-Clastic Aquifers [Abstract]
Susan Hovorka Frio Brine Pilot Experiment—Update and Preliminary Results [Abstract]
Susan Hovorka Update on Public and K-12 Programs at the Bureau of Economic Geology, Texas [Abstract]
R.E. Kilby, M. Jackson Preliminary Analysis of Thrust Kinematics in the Lower Congo Basin, Deepwater Southern Gabon [Abstract]
Robert Reed Relict Grain-Cement Textures in Metasandstones Revealed Using SEM-Based Cathodoluminescence Imaging [Abstract]
Bridget Scanlon Impact of Land-Use Change on Groundwater Recharge in the Southwestern United States [Abstract]
D. Bailey, J. McCray, B. Scanlon Methods Comparison of Field Parameter Quantification of Unsaturated Flow at an Existing Wastewater Infiltration System; Mines Park, Golden, Colorado [Abstract]
K. Keese, B. Scanlon Evaluation of Unsaturated-Flow Modeling with Online Data for Estimating Diffuse Groundwater Recharge [Abstract]
Bridget Scanlon Measurement, Monitoring, and Modeling Analyses of a Proposed Low-Level Nuclear Waste Facility in Texas [Abstract]
Bridget Scanlon Potential Advances in Quantifying the Water Cycle in Karst Systems Using Hydrologic Observatory Approach [Abstract]
November 2004