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BEG Seminar, Wednesday, March 5, 2003

Multicomponent Seismic Technology: Principles And Applications

Bob Hardage


Multicomponent seismic technology is an emerging evolution of conventional 3-D seismic technology that will allow numerous new geologic and engineering applications to be implemented, as well as present new pitfalls for unwary interpreters. We will review the principles of this technology (avoiding mathematics) and clarify terminology that is being abused and misused across the industry. We will then review some applications that have been investigated by the Exploration Geophysics Laboratory and its industry sponsors and stress how interpreters who have been exposed to only conventional P-wave seismic data have to alter their thinking to do integrated interpretations of P and S seismic data. Popular predictions are that multicomponent seismic technology will replace conventional P-wave technology over the next few years. We need to start preparing for this evolutionary change that will affect many of the Bureau and Jackson School programs.