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AAPG Annual Convention, Denver, Colorado, June 3–6, 2001
Shortcourse: E&P Methods and Technologies: Selection and Applications

This course is modeled after the highly successful Advanced Technology School presented by AAPG during the late 1980s. The 2001 program emphasizes asset evaluation, quick-look techniques and the closer collaboration among the petroleum sciences. It is composed of 11 modules presented during the following 3 days of the convention; each module taught by a recognized industry professional.

Salt Tectonics

Martin P. A. Jackson

The effects of salt tectonics dominate some of the hottest regions for exploration and development, including the Gulf of Mexico, the South Atlantic margins, the North Caspian, and the North Sea. This module reviews key features of salt tectonics, who's understanding has been revolutionized in the last decade.

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