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S. Tinker Unconventional Oil and Gas: Mountain or Molehill?   Invited lecture: UT FORUM, Austin, TX March 28, 2014
S. Tinker Defining Impact of Shale Gas to the Utility Industry   Keynote address: Oracle Industry Connect Conference, Boston MA, March 26, 2014
S. Tinker State of Tomorrow: Energy, Environment and the Economy   Keynote address: American Public Power Association, CEO Roundtable, Phoenix, AZ, March 25, 2014
S. Tinker The 21st Century Energy Industry: It's in Your Hands now!   Keynote address: BP Challenge Summit, Houston, TX, March 20, 2014
S. Tinker The 21st Century Energy Scene: It's not your Father's Industry!   Keynote address: Women's Energy Network, Dallas, TX, March 18, 2014
S. Tinker Shale and the Global Energy Future   Keynote address: 67th Ohio Oil and Gas Association Winter meeting, Columbus, OH, March 7, 2014
S. Tinker Global Energy and the Role of Shale Keynote address: Michigan Oil and Gas Association (MOGA), Traverse City, MI, February 21, 2014
S. Tinker US Shale Gas Reserve and Production Forecasts and Implications for Shale Oil Keynote address: Microseismic Client meeting, Houston, TX,February 19, 2014
S. Tinker The Impact of Shale on North American and Global Gas Markets Keynote address: Southern Gas Association (SGA), Austin, TX, February 18, 2014
S. Tinker The Impact of Shale on the North American and Global Gas and Oil Markets   Keynote address: General Electric Co. Leadership Team, Charleston, SC, February 5, 2014
S. Tinker The 21st Century Energy Industry: Students, It's in Your Hands now!   Distinguished lecture: Univ. of North Carolina, Charlotte, Charlotte, NC, February 4, 2014
S. Tinker The Global Energy Transition: An Objective Look at Drivers and Pace   UT School of Law 9th Annual Renewable Energy Law Conference, Austin, TX, January 29, 2014
S. Tinker Bottom(s) Up Shale Gas Reserve and Production Forecasts Keynote address: AAPG and the Division of Professional Affairs, Playmaker 2.0, Houston, TX, January 23, 2014
S. Tinker A Brief Update on US Core Repositories   New Generation Technology in Deep Carbon Science Symp at Rice University, Houston, TX, January 15, 2014
S. Tinker An Objective Look at 21st Century Energy   UT QUEST, Austin, TX, January 14, 2014
S. Tinker Fracking: "Best Practices" to Create Renewable Energy and Fossil Fuels Balance While Addressing Climate Impact Issues   The EmeraldPlanet TV Programs, Marrifield, VA, January 12, 2014
S. Tinker Global Energy Market Overview   Farm Foundation, NFP Round Table, Houston, TX, January 9, 2014

Updated: April 17, 2014

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