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Gregory  Frébourg
Gregory Frébourg Research Associate Bureau of Economic Geology
The University of Texas at Austin
University Station, Box X
Austin, Texas 78713-8924
E-mail: Telephone: 512-471-0338 Fax: 512-471-0140
Professional Summary
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Research Interests
Carbonate and clastic sedimentology, from continental to abyssal realms

Sedimentological processes in eolian and subaqueous environments

Petrography and diagenesis


License (B.S.) in Earth Sciences, University of Geneva, Switzerland, 2004

M.S. in Sedimentary Geology, University of Geneva, Switzerland, 2006

Ph.D. Sedimentology, University of Geneva, Switzerland, 2010
Professional History
Assistant in Micropaleontology, Sedimentary Petrography and for field trips at the Department of Geology and Paleontology, University of Geneva, Switzerland, 2006-2010

Intern at TOTAL, Department of Carbonate Sedimentology, C.S.T.J.F Pau, France, 2006 and 2007
Selected Publications
Frébourg Gregory, 2010, "Carbonate Coastal Dunes: Potential Reservoir Rocks?" Ph.D. dissertation. University of Geneva, Terre et Environnement, vol. 92, ISBN: 2-940153-91-4, in press, XII+178 pp.

Frébourg Gregory, Davaud Eric, Virgone Aurélien, Gaillot Jérémie and Kamali Mohammad (2010) Discovery of an eolianite in the Upper Dalan Member, South Pars field, Iran, Journal of Petroleum Geology, 33 (April 2010), 141-154.

Frébourg Gregory, Hasler Claude-Alain and Davaud Eric, 2010, Catastrophic event recorded among Holocene eoli¬anites (Sidi Salem Formation, SE Tunisia). Sedimentary Geology, 224, 38-48.

Frébourg Gregory, Hasler Claude-Alain, Le Guern Pierre and Davaud Eric, 2008, Facies characteristics and diversity in carbonate eolianites. Facies, 54, 175-191.
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