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Stuart  Coleman
Stuart Coleman Master's Student Bureau of Economic Geology
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Summer 2012 Plans
After graduating in the spring, I will be starting a full-time position with Chevron in Houston as a petroleum engineer in the rock-fluids characterization group.
I began working with the GCCC (Gulf Coast Carbon Center) in January 2009. I first heard of the GCCC through the University of Mississippi’s involvement in the Cranfield Project in Southwest Mississippi. Wanting to focus on the energy industry, I was very interested in the research being done at the GCCC. With my background in both geology and engineering and a new interest for economics and policy, working as a research assistant at the GCCC was and has been a great fit. As a new and developing field, being part of the research in CCS has been a challenging but exciting experience.
Research & Accomplishments
My current research and thesis is focused on the economics of well spacing for long term CO2 injection as dictated by the reservoir characteristics. As part of my job, I am also working on a regional assessment of potential CO2 storage units in the Coastal Plain of Southern Georgia. This past summer, I worked out in the field during the drilling of the injector well at the Cranfield, MS test site. I also worked on the Cranfield Site Assessment, looking a geologic integrity of the subsurface from the vadose zone to the injection interval. Recently I attended a 5-day CCS student seminar in Lorne, Australia, sponsored by the Greenhouse Gas division of the International Energy Agency. This seminar looked at all aspects of the CCS industry, including engineering technologies, geologic characterization, pipeline infrastructures, economics, and policy.
• From: Leesburg, VA
• B.S. in Geological Engineering from The University of Mississippi
• M.S. in the Energy and Earth Resources from the University of Texas at Austin
• Currently a Masters student in Petroleum Engineering at the Cockrell School of Engineering with anticipated graduation date of May 2012
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