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Bruce L. Cutright
Bruce L. Cutright Project Manager Bureau of Economic Geology
The University of Texas at Austin
University Station, Box X
Austin, Texas 78713-8924
E-mail: Telephone: 512-232-0775 Fax: 512-471-0140
Professional Summary
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Research Interests

Geothermal research website: Geothermal Research in Deep Sedimentary Basins (GRIDS)

• Aquifer storage and recovery in water resources development, supply enhancement and demand stabilization
• Sustainable water resources development and management
• Water needs for power generation facilities, environmental compliance and siting investigations
• A focus on the water-energy-agricultural nexus in international and domestic settings
B.S. Geology, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida USA, 1972
M.S. Geology, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida USA, 1974
Ph.D. Program (degree not completed) Hydrogeology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin USA
Professional History
Thirty years’ experience in hydrogeologic and water resources consulting practice, including delineation of groundwater flow systems, well hydraulics, waste-water recycling and reuse, water law and water resource management, high-level nuclear waste repository investigations, injection wells, soil and groundwater remediation of dissolved, floating, and sinking chlorinated and nonchlorinated substances, water supply and irrigation, groundwater resource exploration and development, acquisition of water rights, pesticide contamination and pesticide movement in groundwater, solution mining, and groundwater resource development for large agricultural projects in Africa, Central America, and the Philippines.

Five years’ experience in construction engineering and management, high-voltage DC power-line construction, roads, highways, water and sewer facilities, port and marina facilities, and high-rise residential and commercial building construction.
Selected Publications, Contract Reports and Presentations
Cutright, B. L., and J. Saxena, 1999. Optimizing Aquifer Storage and Recovery Wells Recovery Cycles. National Ground Water Association, Southeast Focus Conference, June 9, 1999.

Cutright, B. L., 1999. Securing and Protecting Existing and Future Water Supplies for Power Generation and Cooling, 4th Annual Latin American Power Generation Conference, June 29, 1999.

Stephenson, D. A, B. L. Cutright and W. W. Woessner, 1991, Hydrogeology: It is, GSA Today, v 1, No. 5.

Huntoon L. and B.L. Cutright, 1987, The Use of Vertical Sampling in Determining Source Locations, Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers National Convention, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Cutright, B.L. and E. Rothschild, 1987, Geological Considerations in Developing Ground Water Protection Strategies, the International Congress on Hazardous Materials Management, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Cutright, B.L., 1982, Groundwater Resources of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey.

Cutright, B.L., 1980 1, Water Use Possibilities for Flooded Iron Mines, Iron County, Wisconsin, Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey.

Cutright, B.L. and A. Kreitman, 1976, Management Alternatives for the Floridan Aquifer Within the Central and Southern Florida Flood Control District, Geological Society of America Abstracts, v.8, No. 2.

Regulatory and Administrative Proceedings

The House Armed Services Committee staff, October, 1990, Expert Testimony. Subject: Environmental Compliance at Department of Defense facilities and by base operations contractors at military bases in the Pacific, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, New Mexico and Washington State.

Testified before the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, permit hearing at Gainesville, Florida. Subject: Environmental Impact of a cement plant on the ground water resources of the Floridan Aquifer in western Alachua County, Florida, 1995.

Testified before the Florida Department of Natural Resources, permit hearing on the water resources impacts of a power plant in Central Florida, 1992.

Testified before the Florida Department of Natural Resources, Public Hearings to present the findings and conclusions of an investigation of the wide spread contamination of Floridan wells by the soil fumigant, Ethylene Dibromide.

Testified before the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Act 410 Implementation hearings. Subject: Ground water quality standards for the State of Wisconsin.

Deposition and Court Expert Testimony

International Paper v. Certain Underwriters at Lloyds. Provided expert testimony at trial and deposition testimony during discovery on the nature and occurrence of ground water and its separate treatment from surface water. Also addressed the transport and fate of contaminants in soil and ground water systems and the timing of events leading to the contamination of soil and ground water.

State of Kentucky v. Rockwell International. Provided expert testimony at trial and deposition during discovery on the investigation and remediation of PCB impacted soil and ground water.

Rockwell International v. Aetna et al., Provided deposition testimony on the timing of contamination events at 16 facilities throughout the US, including automotive manufacturing facilities, rocket engine test sites and electronics manufacturing plants.

Beliles et al., v. Rockwell International. Provided trial testimony on the transport and fate of PCB compounds in the subsurface, their investigation and remediation.

State of Michigan v. The United States Air Force. Provided trial testimony on the movement and fate of chlorinated solvents in ground water, the analysis of potential remedial actions for impacted aquifers and the methods of analysis for deriving the time to achieve a defined regulatory criterion for ground water quality.

Al Frank v. Henco. Provided deposition testimony related to the applicability of the National Contingency Plan to the remediation of a site alleged to be impacted by waste oil.

Tedco Equities v. Empire Level Company. Provided deposition testimony on the compliance of a private party investigation and remediation action with the provisions of the National Contingency Plan.

Higgins Tube and Conduit Company v. Firemens Fund Insurance Co., et al. Provided deposition testimony addressing the issue of contamination of soil and ground water occurring as a sudden and accidental event verses a long term release.

Shopko Stores v. Palisades Realty & Development Company. Provided deposition testimony regarding the compliance with environmental provisions of a contract of sale by the former owner of a development project.

Wergin Construction Company v. City of Wausau. Provided deposition testimony regarding the potential diminution of property values related to underlying ground water contamination. Issues included the evaluation of the source of contamination and the potential impact on future uses of property with underlying ground water contamination.

United States Environmental Protection Agency v. Central Quality Services Corp, et al. Provided deposition testimony on the timeliness and extent of a private party proposed site investigation and the potential arbitrary and unjustified costs of an EPA investigation.
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