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Peter  Flemings
Peter Flemings Research Professor Bureau of Economic Geology
The University of Texas at Austin
University Station, Box X
Austin, Texas 78713-8924
E-mail: Telephone: 512-475-9520 Fax: 512-471-0140
Professional Summary
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Peter's research couples observation with theoretical analysis to study crustal fluid flow at human and geologic timescales. He asks classical questions such as: 1) what is the relationship between faulting, pressure, and stress? 2) what is the shallow crust’s permeability and how does it vary with pore pressure? 3) how is continental margin morphology controlled by fluid flow? 4) how do hydrocarbons move at both geological and production time scales?

Peter works closely with the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP). His current projects include the study of fluid pressure in the Nankai Accretionary Prism, analysis and modeling of hydrate systems on southern Hydrate Ridge, the study of slope stability on continental margins, and the development of a pore pressure penetrometer for ocean drilling.
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