University of Texas at Austin

Assessing Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico Gas-Hydrate Systems with Multicomponent and Multi-frequency Seismic Data

Bob A. Hardage, principal investigator; Milo M. Backus, Robert J. Graebner, Paul E. Murray, Randy L. Remington, and Diana C. Sava

The Exploration Geophysics Laboratory (EGL) is a subcontractor to Louisiana State University in this study. Research is funded by the U.S. Department of Interior, Minerals Management Service. The study will investigate several seafloor fluid-gas expulsion sites in the deep-water area of Green Canyon in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Sites will be selected that are traversed by one or more of WesternGeco's deep-water, multiclient, 4-C OBC seismic lines. Multifrequency imaging of gas-hydrate systems associated with these expulsion chimneys will be done by acquiring 2- to 16-kHz chirp-sonar data using an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) and 500- to 2,000-Hz data with the Naval Research Laboratory Deep-Towed Acoustic/Geophysics System (DTAGS). These AUV and DTAGS images will then be compared with 4-C OBC images along each profile that is analyzed.


This map shows multi-client 4-C OBC surveys acquired in the Gulf of Mexico by WesternGeco. This study will utilize short portions of seismic profiles from the Green Canyon NC and Green Canyon NE surveys.

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