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Leaning Forward Recounts the Life and Times of William L. Fisher
Leaning Forward

"By any sense of the word, Dr. William L. Fisher is a remarkable man. Remarkable people are commonly not born; they develop. This is the story of that development: a young man who learned early the importance of hard work, discipline, and persistence and made the most of circumstance, opportunity, and relationships. The vignettes composing his story are poignant, captivating, thoughtful, and visionary. For many involved in similar endeavors, the memoir will serve as a “primer” rich in candor and insight."

Scott W. Tinker, from the foreword of Leaning Forward

About William L. Fisher
W L  Fisher Dr. William L. Fisher is professor and holder of the Leonidas T. Barrow Centennial Chair in Mineral Resources, Department of Geological Sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences. This autobiography chronicles Dr. Fisher’s lifelong journey as student, geologist, longest serving Director of both the Bureau of Economic Geology and the Geology Foundation, Assistant Secretary of Energy and Minerals under President Gerald Ford, first Dean of the Jackson School, teacher, writer, mentor, and friend to earth scientists around the globe.

"I have always figured you take whatever talent and intelligence you have and with discipline and a willingness, if not determination, to expend a good amount of energy, you can accomplish some of the things you want, and maybe more, much more, than you ever expected or had a right to expect. I have seen colleagues with a relatively modest amount of intelligence, but with energy, discipline, and the willingness to take a chance, do a lot; perhaps this is where I fit. I have seen, as well, some exceptionally brilliant people lacking energy and drive, or being a perfectionist to a fault, fail to accomplish very much, if anything. And through the years I have seen a few people combine brilliance, energy, discipline, and risk-taking proclivities; they are as impressive as they are rare, but they are that thin margin at the top setting the pace. It is better to aspire to a bit of that pace and not measure yourself against the many who do not or who do not care to do so. I see life as basically fate dealing you a hand; it is up to you how you play it. I have seen those dealt a good hand—brains, money, family—and make little. Some others deftly played a poor hand to advantage and accomplished much."

William L. Fisher, from the Preface of Leaning Forward.


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