West Texas Geological Society
2001 Fall Symposium

The Permian Basin: Microns to Satellites,
Looking for Oil and Gas at all Scales

October 25–26, 2001

Presentations by Bureau Researchers

Title (with link to Abstract)


Thursday Morning Keynote Address: Geoscience Technology for the Coming Gas Economy Scott W. Tinker and Eugene Kim
Reservoir Architecture at SACROC and the Canyon-Cisco Transition Charlie Kerans
Quantitative Fracture Evaluation and Image Log Calibration, West Texas Sandstones Stephen E. Laubach, Jon Olson, and Randall  A. Marrett
Fracture Characterization Using Rotary-Drilled Sidewall Cores: An Example from the Ellenburger Formation, West Texas Leonel  A.  Gomez, Julia F. W. Gale, Stephen C. Ruppel, and Stephen E. Laubach
Opportunities for Recovery of Remaining Oil in San Andres Reservoirs: Example from Fuhrman-Mascho field, University Lands Block 10, Andrews County, Texas Stephen C. Ruppel
The Importance of Layering in Reservoir Characterization: South Wasson Clear Fork Reservoir, Gaines County, Texas F. Jerry Lucia, James W. Jennings, Jr., and Stephen C. Ruppel
Evaporite Deposition in the Midland Basin—End of an Era Susan D. Hovorka
South Wasson Clear Fork Reservoir Model (Poster Session) F. Jerry Lucia, Stephen C. Ruppel, James W. Jennings, Jr., and Stephen E. Laubach
Chert Reservoir Development in the Devonian of West Texas: Contrasts Between Proximal and Distal Settings (Poster Session) Stephen C. Ruppel and Roger J. Barnaby