Spring 2003 Technical Seminar Series

The BEG's seminars are held on Friday mornings (unless otherwise noted)
at 8:30 a.m. in the Main Conference Room. Refreshments are served at 8:15 a.m.

Additional information regarding the BEG Seminar Series is available by contacting
Tiffany Hepner by telephone (512-475-9572) or E-mail (tiffany.hepner@beg.utexas.edu).

Date Presenter Subject/Title
January 17
Scott Tinker Bureau 360
January 24

Lesli Wood

Mud Volcanoes, Shale Diapers and Fluid Systems: Making Mud Pies on a Grand Scale
January 31
Peggy Rijken,
Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering
Predicting Fracture Attributes in the Travis Peak Formation Using Quantitative Mechanical Modeling and Structural Diagenesis
February 7
Frederick Taylor,
Perspectives on Holocene Climate of the Western Pacific Warm Pool from d180 and Trace Metals in Fossil Corals
February 14
Bridget Scanlon Role of Vegetation in Controlling Soil Water Dynamics in Water Limited Ecosystems

February 21

Mrinal Sen,
Simulated Annealing in Seismic Inversion
February 28
Robert Goldhammer,
The Influence of Syndepositional Salt Tectonics on Carbonate Platform Development and Stratal Architecture: Examples of (i) Coeval Diapiric Uplift (Paleocene La Popa Platform, Northeast Mexico) and (ii) Gravitationally-driven Extension and Rafting (Aptian-Albian Carbonates of the South Atlantic Basins, Upper Jurassic of the GOM)
Wednesday, March 5
Bob Hardage Multicomponent Seismic Technology: Principles and Applications
March 14
No Seminar Spring Break
March 21
Rebecca Smyth Forensic Hydrogeology Applied to a Half-Century-Old Crude-Oil Seep, Colorado River, Wharton County, Texas
March 28
Charles Jackson,
Carbon Sequestration Within the Context of Other Climate Model Uncertainties Affecting Predictions of Future Climate
April 4
William Ambrose
Definition of the Geological Framework of the Neogene in the Southern Laguna Madre–Tuxpan Continental Shelf of Eastern Mexico
April 11
David Allen,
Center for Energy and Environmental Resources
State of the Science of Air Quality in Texas and Implications for Air Quality Policy
April 18
No Seminar  
April 25
David Jennette
May 2
Virtual Reality Demo All-Day Event