Deep-Marine Depositional Margins Industrial Alliance Research

Deep-marine settings are the frontier of research in the 21st century. Research on deep-marine sedimentology, structure, process stratigraphy, hydrocarbon habitat, and seafloor stability is being conducted by Lesli Wood of the BEG and Paul Mann of UTIG. They are studying both the structurally active margins of the southeastern Caribbean and the passive margins of the Gulf of Mexico, using nearly 20,0002 km of contiguous 3-D seismic data, as well as short and long shallow core. The work is funded by a group of companies interested in deep-marine hydrocarbon exploration and development.

Gas hydrates, mud volcanoes, seafloor and subseafloor structure, slope, and 3-D stratigraphic architecture are some of the issues being examined to explain the processes involved in margin evolution and the potential for resource development in deep-marine settings. High-resolution imaging of continental-margin systems offers the best means for both quantifying the 3-D architecture of deep-marine reservoirs and improving development in these complex systems.

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