Paleomagnetism research conducted by Bureau scientist Tim F. Wawrzyniec prior to joining the Bureau has been published in the Journal of Structural Geology (v. 23, no. 8, pp. 1255–1279). Tim’s paper, co-authored by John W. Geissman, R. Ernest Anderson, Steve S. Harlan and James Faulds, is titled "Paleomagnetic data bearing on style of Miocene deformation in the Lake Mead area, southern Nevada."

Three key points are presented:

  • a new method for correcting paleomagnetic data for samples collected from volcanic piles where primary dip is greater than 5 degrees;

  • there is no compelling evidence that strike-slip faulting and attending vertical axis rotations exert a primary control on extension of the Basin and Range province; and

  • paleomagnetic data supports the idea that blocks within the Lake Mead Fault system have been tectonically rafted over a regional detachment in concert with north-south directed shortening recorded as both shallow-axis and steep axis folds.

A PDF file available to the UT community is located at; scroll down to Journal of Structural Geology, v. 23, issue no. 8, paper no. 7.