This U.S. Department of Energy’s technology transfer program called PUMP (Preferred Upstream Management Practices) is a high-priority federal program to collect and distribute information that domestic producers can use to keep oil flowing from America's oil fields. It is an especially important initiative for smaller, independent producers who may not have knowledge of state-of-the-art technologies or have ready access to valuable data on high-potential oil-bearing formations.


Play Analysis and Digital Portfolio of Major Oil Reservoirs in the Permian Basin: Application and Transfer of Advanced Geological and Engineering Technologies for Incremental Production Opportunities  

Bureau scientist Dr. Shirley P. Dutton will team up with scientists at the New Mexico geological survey to develop a "play portfolio" of the major oil reservoirs in the Permian Basin. This area contains roughly one fourth of the active production within the United States. The portfolio will focus on reservoirs capable of producing more than a million barrels and summarize key characteristics and the most effective producing strategies.  

The team will also study deploying these strategies to underdeveloped areas within West Texas and Southeast New Mexico. This region has the largest potential for additional oil production in the country. A website containing Geographic Information System (GIS) maps showing play outlines and reservoir locations; reservoir heterogeneity and best practices summary information will be developed.  

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