Dr. Stephen C. Ruppel is among recently announced project winners of the U.S. Department of Energy’s ongoing petroleum research program. This program is designed to develop new tools for increasing the domestic oil supply by producing more oil from older wells, finding missed oil, and ensuring environmental protection. The category for Steve’s investigation is “Oil Technology: Reservoir Efficiency Processes,” for which he will focus on carbonate oil reservoirs common to the Permian Basin of West Texas and the U.S.

Data from a Permian Basin reservoir will be compared to geologically similar outcrops in the Sierra Diablo Mountains of West Texas. These data will help develop an improved computer model of the reservoir. Companies will then be able to use to the model to determine the efficient use of oil recovery technologies.

This and similar projects are managed by the National Petroleum Technology Office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the oil research arm of DOE’s Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory. DOE will provide federal funding of $500,000 to the 24-month project, and BEG/UTA will contribute $504,000 in cost sharing.

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