PTTC Presents "Optimized Horizontal Well Technology" Workshop

PTTC Texas and Southwest regions joined forces to present a workshop titled "Optimized Horizontal Well Technology" in Midland on December 18, 2001. Instructor Bob Knoll, of Maurer Technology in Houston, presented this one-day program that covered well design and operational issues of borehole stability.

Bob Knoll
Maurer Technology

Bob Knoll has more than 27 years of experience in applying modern exploitation technologies. Since 1990, he has presented over 170 technical training courses around the world. For more information about this and other training courses from Maurer Technology, visit their website at

Steve Melzer ( below left), PTTC Texas Region Producer Advisory Group member, was one of 36 people from the oil and gas industry in Texas and New Mexico attending the workshop. Martha Cather, PTTC Southwest Region Coordinator, and Bob Kiker, PTTC Texas Region - Permian Basin Director, organized the event.
From left to right: Steve Melzer, Martha Cather, and Bob Kiker